I HAD to chore(ups to @bishlu77 for the new vernacular)this one from my Blogspot page…
Seriously, I’ve probably had 1,000 crushes in my lifetime. They might last a day, week, or month. I could have a crush on one chick, or two,or six at a time. She could be Black, White, Italian, Greek, Cuban, Mexican, et cetera. Goth-emo chick or round-the-way girl. My crush could range from a chick from Westwood, Cali to Bridgeport, Connecticut. Sneaker chicks. Heel chicks. Loud chicks. Quiet chicks. Party animals. Homebodies. Chicks that smoke weed. Chicks that don’t even sip liquor. She could be in love with me or not even know I exist. I might crush on someone because of a hat or scarf she wears. Maybe because of her sneakers or the fact that she sounds hot when she says the word “fuck”. I crush on brainiacs and chicks that don’t know the difference between digital and analog. I crush on uppity chicks and those that embody the meaning of humble. I’ve crushed on athletes and cheerleaders. I’ve crushed on a model and a chick that has never owned makeup. She’s been a hard-core Conservative and a full-blown hippie. Sports or reality show fanatic. Thick and slim. Long hair, short hair. All of these are simply crushes. And there are plenty more where those came from… P.S. My current crush is a stretch, but a crush nonetheless…

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