The Sneaker Files

Hi, my name is Erik, and I am addicted to sneakers. True, I gave away half of my kick collection to charity at the end of last summer, but I am still pretty well off. I have Clarks loafers and wallabees. I have a pair of Joes. There’s nothing like my sneakers. I grew up an athlete, so they were always a part of my everyday life, even when I played baseball and football, to an extent. I went to a high school that was fucking shoe-crazy. It seemed that half the school were sneakerheads. I was addicted to Air Force Ones. Mid-top, white. Had to have at least one pair a month. I rocked Jordans. I remember going with my best friend to KREW to pay $180 for the IVs…so we could wear them a week early. It didn’t matter that the Mikes would come out on a Tuesday during school; it gave me a reason to cut class. Since high school, I’ve realized that sneakers are my thing. ESPECIALLY chicas(shoutout to Fowler, Martina, Peach, Moe, and Lacey)in sneakers. It’s not that a chick in heels doesn’t register, it’s just sneakers represent a more laid-back attitude(to me), which meshes with mine. It’s something about seeing a chick rockin’ lip gloss, jeans, and Nikes(again, shoutout to Peach)that makes my record skip a tad. I don’t feel I’m “too old” to rock sneakers, and I can’t stand when a woman my age says the same thing about herself. I know how to clean up, and clean up well. I have suits, and dress clothes. I love my skinny ties. It’s just I don’t see what’s wrong with a v-neck, jeans, and hi-tops. These two pair of sneakers have definitely captured my attention. Then again, what halfway decent sneaker doesn’t? P.S. I thank those that make my decision to stay single seem smart.

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