I cop, you cop, we all cop…right?

So Talib Kweli was on Twitter a little earlier, complaining about our generation’s sense of entitlement when it comes to rap/hip-hop. He stated that he thinks we expect to get everything for free. WRONG. NEGATIVE. I wish Talib knew that MY generation made mcs like him. Not that the 25-32 group didn’t help, but MY age demographic spent MANY a day at Coconuts, Sam Goody, Virgin, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, F.Y.E., et cetera, to support our favorite mcs. What changed, Talib? You all started to make mediocre, fluff music. CD prices increased steadily. It became more about promoting a single or video than an entire album. Point, blank, peri-ahd: MCs fell off!!! Why would I pay $17.63 for a CD with a handful of nice tracks? So I can hear a single that’s been WORN THE HELL OUT ON THE RADIO, OR, *gulp* BET, while the rest are a waste of my ears’ attention? Talib, get a grip! I copped Jay’s Kingdom Come AND American Gangster. I think I REALLY liked maybe 8, 9 tracks off of the 2 albums, period. Yet, instead of getting my $30, $35 back, I had to eat it. Jay’s supposed to be the benchmark, and he dropped wackness, just to make a buck! Wayne had people SALIVATING for years, and dropped an album that wasn’t even worth my trip to the mall to cop it! Rap/hip-hop has become shallow, my dude. Honestly, I don’t think the average mc is concerned about the lack of CD sales because they think the love of the music is gone. I don’t feel that the average mc is worried that there is no integrity and dignity amongst us rap/hip-hop fans. I sincerely feel that mcs are mad because my generation has wised up to the fact that, in a fucked up economy, we’re paying WAY TOO MUCH to hear mediocre, so-so, average, alright, okay, “eh” music. You want my $15??? Drop something worthwhile… P.S. I miss Karen! P.P.S. Who loves ya, baby? #shoutout to Tiara in her tiara, the artist formerly known as Miss DJ, and hydroponic…


  1. very emotional and sincere blog. i actually hung off of every word and appreciated your “realness”. You didn’t take away the fact that the artists are amazing and talented… you just stressed the importance of having music that makes spending your money worth while. I loved it… good job.

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