Break fast, fresh man!!!

Talking to my homeboy Vito, we traded stories from our freshman year of college. Ahhh, the good ol’ days at Western Michigan U., Kalamazoo, MI, Ackley/Shilling Hall, 2nd floor. Curt, a junior that pretty much preyed on drunk freshman girls, was our RA. Our floor was pretty much “Animal House”…in a residence hall. We had CHARACTERS. We had a group of guys that attended Bible study every night, the God squad. There was a Korean, Japanese, South African, French, and Russian on the floor. We had guys on the floor that grew up on a farm, and people like myself, that grew up in a large metropolitan city. An Abercrombie & Fitch dude, and a straight-up-and-down hippie. Potheads, boozehounds, and even kids that would snort, smoke, consume or inject anything that you put in front of them. Dean’s List students and guys that were struggling as P.E. majors. Above all of that, our floor was tight. Half of the floor would eat lunch and dinner together. Kegs full of root beer and keg stand contests. We hung out in each other’s rooms as if they were our own. The study lounge on our floor was turned into a smokeout spot, and place to have HALO and Madden tournaments. Several of us were members of the basketball team’s student section. Problem with a class? SOMEBODY on our floor could help. We gave each other rides to class, and on occasion, home on the weekends. Everyone in our residence hall, whether in Ackley or Shilling, referred to our floor as “The Deuce”. The girls loved us, and the guys hated us. We were sort of like a goofy ass gang. We had each other’s back in every situation that you could think of. More importantly, we just had fun. We enjoyed college, and being fresh freshmen in a new environment. Obviously, things became less fun and we couldn’t be as carefree as the years went by…but freshman year stands out in my mind as the best year of my life, to date. P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to Vito, Coop, Janesh, Milks, Wert, Al, Kev, Lichty, Amir, Curt, Ben, Frankie Donuts, Watchmaker, Mexico, Gabe, Erin, Jerad, Stinks, Pavel, the God Squad, the Marine, and anybody else that resided on the 2nd floor of Ackley Hall during the 2003-04 school year.

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