Tales of a conversationalist…

There aren’t many of us out there. Conversationalists, I mean. People that understand that two don’t conversate; they converse. I fully understand why everyone is in my life. Completely, and without any reservation. There are less than a handful, however, that I can turn to when looking to engage in deep, meaningful conversation. Sports, politics, news, entertainments, sneakers, fruit snacks, cartoons…it doesn’t matter. I simply like to know that others have something to contribute, no matter the topic. I’m not interested in those that become Socratic when under the influence. Nor am I impressed by those who believe that being pretentious and loquacious is akin to being a skilled conversationalist. I guess what I look for more often in a fellow conversationalist is passion. It’s expected that we disagree every so often. What keeps me interested is a conversation that’s not one-sided. Don’t attempt to appease me by waving your white flag and deciding that the convo has gotten too deep for you to handle. If you feel 2+3=5, stand up for your belief. It’s nice to rap with someone that is learned of many things, as well. One of my pet peeves is a person that “knows everything, but don’t know shit”(Kanye). Deep conversation can be intelligent conversation as well. All too often, we consciously steer clear of certain topics that we think are controversial. I’d rather take the opposite approach. Passionately convey points and articulate yourself in such a way that all those involved will be able to focus on what it is you’re saying, and not what you’re talking about. I don’t keep in touch with as many people as I did several years ago, mainly because my taste in the people I surround myself with has changed a great deal. All of that filler conversation is great–just not for me. I need a challenge, and having to “dumb it down”(Lupe) isn’t conducive to my current mindstate or lifestyle. Till the next conversation… P.S. I miss Karen! P.P.S. Octavia E. Butler is ill. P.P.P.S. #shoutout to my fellow nocturnal/early-morn conversationalist

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