To Jay-Z, or not to Jay-Z?

Anyone that knows me knows that even though I’m a fan of Jay-Z, I really haven’t truly appreciated his music since Reasonable Doubt. In 8th grade, when he was on a track with DMX, titled “Money, Cash, Hoes”, I thought to myself, ‘THIS is the greatest since Biggie?’ I felt that he kind of became the king by default. While Snoop had national appeal in the early 90s, in the mid, late 90s, rap had a more East Coast feel. Think about it. What has Snoop done since Doggystyle? He’s had a nice single here and there, but I’m not sure what the hell he’s doing nowadays. Is he singing? Rapping? Rapping and singing? Oy vey… I digress. Jay-Z has released Blueprint 3. From what I’ve heard, I have no reason not to buy this album. I’m not someone that is skeptical because he’s 40+. An emcee is an emcee, point, blank, peri-ahd. I sometimes wonder… Is Jay-Z still making music PURELY for the love of it, or to periodically assert himself in the game? It’s unfair to solely accuse Jay of perpetuating an artist disguising a hunger for attention, money, and commercialism with something that I should hear. I just find myself going back to Reasonable Doubt. Besides the lyricism, there was a hunger and passion that seemed to subside a little once Jay found fame and fortune. Again, he’s not the only one to start out starving like Marvin, and turn into Garfield. (Don’t get me started on Wayne) It’s just I believe he should be held to a higher standard, if he is, since unretired, the best rapper alive(sorry, Wayne). Guess I’ll be copping @RAEKWONICEWATER Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 and BP3 tomorrow… P.S. I miss Karen! P.P.S. #shoutout to Tiara in her tiara, KMo, Minnie Mouse, Adam J., @MoeRucker, Peach, and my “anounomus” texter…

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