What to do?

Damn you, Jim Hendry and your penchant for overvaluing players. You’ve dug this Cubs team into a hole, officially. 8yrs/136mil to Alfonso Soriano, a career below-average fielder with a horrible eye at the plate and a reputation for playing like a space cadet more times than not. 3yrs/30mil to Milton Bradley, a guy who was injury-prone his entire career, and when healthy, never put up eye-popping numbers. 5yrs/91.5mil to Carlos Zambrano, basically the Cubs ace only because Kerry Wood and Mark Prior never panned out. Is anyone else confused as to why this guy STILL isn’t a top 10 pitcher in the majors? 4yrs/52mil to Ryan Dempster, a great guy, but a barely good pitcher, career-wise. The only reason he made the move to the starting rotation is because he STUNK IT UP during the 2006-07 season as the team’s closer. His 2008 numbers were good, but not anything that’s in the neighborhood of Bob Gibson-numbers. He didn’t do enough in one year , after not starting for 5, to earn that kind of payday. Check his stats, please. Kerry Wood and Carlos Marmol proved to be much better options, anyway. 4yrs/48mil to Kosuke Fukudome. As of now, Fuk is doing exactly what I expected of him. Hit from .270-.290 with an OBP from .380-400. He has 11HR and 30 doubles, which is pretty good, but not worth 12mil/yr for an unproven prospect from the other side of the world. Every GM seems to think that their Japanese prospect is going to be the next Ichiro, unfortunately. 2yrs/5mil to Aaron Miles?!?! ‘Nuff said. AND, unloading any of those players would be an almost impossible task. To make matters worse Jim, you listened to Lou bitch and moan after the Dodgers swept ’em in the 2008 NLDS. Damn near changed the complexion of the team with just two moves. You pretty much traded one of the most popular Cubs EVER(Derosa) and let one go without a fight (Wood). You replaced Derosa with a volatile Bradley, who once had his season shortened because he tore his ACL. While trying to argue with an umpire. You replaced Wood with Kevin Gregg, a guy that led the MLB in blown saves last year–pitching for the Florida Marlins. If a closer can’t get the job done in front of 15,000 fair-weather fans; did you really think he could in front of 40,000+ crazy ones? It’s taken a monthlong, torrid hitting streak from Bradley just to get his numbers to “They’re okay, I guess”. Gregg has lost his job to Marmol(an almost-as-scary option). This team needs speed, and I guess you’ve FINALLY realized that going after a Chone Figgins would help. Especially considering the fact that your power-laden, speed-deprived team is at, if not near the bottom of the majors in stolen bases. Carl Crawford could be on the market after 2010. I’m sorry, but I think that you should be fired, Jim. You did a great job getting Aramis Ramirez, but even he has yet to play to his potential, and could walk after the 2010 season. Marmol could very well be the best setup man/closer in baseball, but he can’t for whatever reason throw 3 straight strikes to anyone. Soto: bad sophomore slump. Fontenont and Theriot: “nice lil’ players”. The same goes for Sam Fuld, Jake Fox, Micah Hoffpauir and Andres Blanco. Will Vitters, Colvin, Castillo, Shark, and Cashner pan out? Only time will tell. Too bad I hope you’re not around to see it. I’m coming for your job, Jim… P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to Martina Martini Marinier, my favorite Puerto Rican/Cuban goumad

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