Analyze its circumference, and then make moves…

My circle is not very big. There aren’t even a dozen people in my circle. Some parts are permanent; others are more on the side of interchangeable. It’s hard for our generation to even maintain a circle because it seems like we don’t have any time for each other. Mainly, because the majority of us are in our early, mid-20s, with jobs, in school, or working on strengthening a relationship or family. Our down time is our down time. We don’t intend to incorporate our friends into our daily lives as much as we once did, either. Remember high school? Most likely, your parents couldn’t tell you shit about who to befriend or be in a relationship with. So what if dude never goes to class and is one suspension away from being expelled? So what if she’s constantly fighting and hanging around the varsity football team–as a freshman? It didn’t matter; those were our peers. We didn’t even realize back then that we couldn’t count on everybody. The more people that you could call your friend at that age, the better you felt about yourself. Regardless of how much or how little they actually acted like genuine friends. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that my circle needs to be stronger and stronger with each passing day. Everyone in my circle needs to know that I’d never do anything to break it, as well. As a generation, I believe that too many of us try to include too many people in our lives, let alone our circles. We add and add and add until we eventually acknowledge that maybe it wasn’t such a great strategy after all. Women do it with women and men, men do it with men and women…it’s almost a never ending cycle. We allow people to use and abuse us, and deter us from where we need to go, and not want to. We are a generation of Myspace and Facebook, where accumulating a high number of “friends” is more important than focusing on the real friends that we do have. Sadly, I’m not even sure many of my peers even have a circle. THAT scares me… P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to a clean break and everyone in my circle…you know who you are

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