Dear Congressman Joe Wilson…

So you believe President Obama is a liar. Or, at least, on one occasion. You vehemently disagree with Obama’s stance on healthcare reform. You probably believe there will be death panels, and that illegal immigrants will be covered if HR 3200 is a reality. I’m pretty sure you’re worried about where the money to support such a plan will come from. Worried that many Americans will have to forfeit their current plans, and if they refuse, will face a heavy fine. It’s not hard for me to believe that you think Obama is a *trying to keep a straight face* Socialist. As not only a political figure from the great state of South Carolina, but as an American citizen, you are free to form your own opinions on our current commander-in-chief. There’s nothing wrong with you, in your heart of hearts, thinking that Obama is nothing more than a shady, sneaky, two-faced liar. Believe that he doesn’t have this country’s best interests at heart. Tell yourself that he’s slowly driving this country into an economic sinkhole, and that in several years, the US will be worse off than it’s ever been. As an American, you’re entitled to fully exercise the First Amendment: Freedom of speech. However, there’s a certain code of decorum that you, along with every other political figure should follow. I understand it was hard for you and fellow Republicans to sit in that chamber and hear Obama deliver what you all probably felt was a crock of shit. Imagine how Democrats felt EVERYTIME Bush spoke. Still, I go back to using tact. To interrupt OUR president with an unexpected “You lie!”, while he was trying to convey a serious point to us ALL, was flat-out disrespectful. Not so much the words, but the timing. In sports, players are to never call out a coach in public, and vice versa. Ask anyone in sports, and they’ll tell you that those matters should be dealt with behind closed doors. Not only because it’s horrible to publicly drag someone’s name through the mud, but because public outburts show a lack of unity and cohesiveness. People on the outside would view that team as dysfunctional, and more about the individual rather than the team. To show President Obama up on national tv was wrong, and you knew AND know as much. I understand you were “advised” to call the White House and apologize, but you still went through with it. So I’m guessing you have a SLIGHT amount of remorse. Even some of your fellow Republicans were shocked and appalled at your outlandish display of disrespect. From a racial standpoint, man…you really screwed up. Your outburst gave more Blacks more reasons to believe that the main reason for such opposition of this administration is purely racial. That a Black man cannot articulate himself without giving people false hope. That underneath the smile, laid-back attitude, and simple haircut, lies a nigger. The same Blacks feel that that’s why Obama was met with a hearty chorus of “No” when it was announced that he would be speaking to schoolchildren about the importance of…an education. The same Blacks that feel that since January 4, 2009, a political witch hunt has been orchestrated to get Obama out of office as quickly as possible. And not because of his political stance, but moreso because of the color of his skin. I know I’ve made the joke that Republicans would probably nitpick over how Obama pronounces “the”, just to knock him down a peg. Congressman Wilson, you’ve only added fuel to the fire. Democrats will most likely look at your party as a little more ignorant, while Blacks will most likely see it as a little more racist. I wish that I could say that your outburst was more politically than racially charged. But, to be honest, I don’t know. The first Black president(also half-White)of the United States walked into a shitstorm with a brand-new white linen suit on. He did that without Republicans’ pessimism and countless accusations, and various attempts to assassinate his character. It’s a hard enough job as it is.. And you just made it harder for many of us to believe that you want to make it any easier for him. Stay up, Congressman Wilson. P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to @Brandon_Gilmore, @midlifechick @GingerDuPree, Prof. Jacobs(dopest Nati. Gov. prof in the history of college), J Earl, Stephonie, Tiara in her tiara, and all of my fellow Political Science-lovin’ nerds…

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