Did Milton *gulp* call Cubs fans out?

So the Cubs suspended RF Milton Bradley for the rest of the season. If this were college, Hendry, the Cubs AD, would say he would be suspended for “conduct detrimental to the team”. Apparently, Bradley stated over the last few days that Chicago’s negativity has had an adverse affect on his play. (As if booing, even some racist fans, would cause a guy to play as badly as Bradley has this season, but I digress) I thought to myself: Bradley’s an ass. He finally got more than a one-year audition, in a big market, and BOMBED. In 2009, he didn’t resemble a fraction of the player that he was in 2008. But that’s the problem. TOO MANY Cubs fans were banking on the 2008 Milton Bradley, and didn’t know enough about his past. And I don’t mean his off-the-field transgressions (as I see one blogger included his arrests) or his volatile antics on-the-field. I mean his actual stats. In 2008 (his career year), he hit .321, but with 22 homers and 77 RBIs…in only 126 games. He was in the lineup often as a designated hitter, which makes missing 36 games something to worry about. He had never hit 30 homers or driven in 100. He’d never been a basestealing threat or even an above average fielder. He’s a career .277 hitter, and only had 103 career homers before 2009 in 8 seasons. Cubs fans should’ve known that we couldn’t completely rely on this guy. But the way we booed him at times, you’d think he was A-Rod and we were Yankees fans. Honestly, why expect so much all of a sudden? Since I became a HARDCORE Cubs fan in ’98, the Cubs have fielded some mediocre and good teams. I’d sit back at times and wonder why Cubs fans believed every year would be the Cubs year. Even being a diehard Cubs fan, I could honestly predict that they wouldn’t do much. It seems that Cubs fans don’t want to associate themselves with the “Lovable Losers” anymore. However, there’s still belligerent drunkenness and ignorance. There are PLENTY of people who act as if attending a Cubs game is the equivalent of walking down a red carpet. Plain and simple, there are Cubs fans that go to home games that don’t know a DAMN thing about baseball. Not that those three types of people don’t populate MLB parks all over. It just seems like it’s more accepted at Wrigley. Wrigley Field for some brings them back to their college campus, tailgating before a football game on a Saturday morning. THAT, is the problem. The culture is a riotous, and at times, chaotic one. Bradley’s cries of racism didn’t shock me. Not one bit. His claims that Cubs fans are negative didn’t shock me, either. Cubs fans are some of the most pessimistic sports fans of all-time. We have to be. Listen to the way Cubs fans complain. It’s absolutely the worst sports banter you’ll ever hear. Having delusions of grandeur too, we must be. Blaming Bartman for the 2003 NLCS failure. A billy goat. A black cat crossing Ron Santo’s path. Cubs fans are passionate. Which is a gift and a curse. Sometimes I think Cubs fans misplace that passion. I wish more were knowledgeable of the game instead of just being Cubs fans. Maybe then more wouldn’t have been to ready to crucify Bradley at his first mistake. In my opinion, I think right now, there are a lot of hurt Cubs fans. (Not because Bradley has been suspended; I’m sort of happy about that myself.) But because we’ve been called out. We’ve been told by Bradley, “Yeah, I’ve stunk it up this season. But it doesn’t help to play my ass off, fuck up, and endure you guys’ act as if it’s the first fuck-up ever in the history of baseball.” For once, a player isn’t applauding the fact that we are the world’s greatest fans. We’ve been told that we’re obnoxious, dumb, racist, ignorant, drunk, negative and just bad fans. I think it’s a shock to most of us. To be lumped in with other professional sports fans, when for years, we acted as if our shit didn’t stink because we chose to stick with a losing team. Face it, Cubs fans: We kinda do it to ourselves. How many players/managers/coaches have we hinged the season’s hopes on? Even subconsciously? How many times have we gotten a glimpse of success only to have it blacked out by reality? We’ve grown accustomed to seeing the Cubs break our hearts. Year after year. They seemingly find a different way to do it to us. Yet we go back, for more pain. And after some time, for most of us, it has made us bitter, if only the slightest amount. Some of us spew that at anyone who adds to it, and sometimes we spew with pure, unadulterated hate. It just so happens that the Cubs lost another “cult hero” (even though Derosa had played here only TWO seasons!) and essentially replaced him with Milton Bradley. Jim Hendry made the move, thanks to some needling from Lou Piniella. If Bradley doesn’t come back in 2010, then neither should Hendry and Piniella. P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to all the real Cubs fans, who aren’t interested in whining and bitching about how “horrible” the Cubs are 24/7

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  1. I’m with you, dude. Fuck sensitive ass Cubs fans that can’t take a player that doesn’t want to go grab a beer after the game with their asses! Fuck Bradley because he was a bust, not because he’s not a nice guy!

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