Please, take the gray crayon out of my box…

Let me start off by saying I’ve NEVER liked the color gray. In 7th grade, my Language Arts teacher gave our class a sheet of paper with 20 colors listed on it. We were asked to give a one-word description of each color. When I got to gray, I didn’t hesitate in writing by it, “indecisive”. I just saw it (and still see it) as a color that’s a combination of the two most bland, dry colors of the entire spectrum. Average. Mediocre. Not quite beautiful, but not quite ugly. A kind of middle ground. Neutrality. Those descriptions aren’t the worst…but they most certainly aren’t the best, either. We all have our black and white days. We have our highs and lows. Ups and downs. We climb to the top of the mountain on some days, and on others we jump off of the cliff. These are days, most often brought on by a specific occurrence, that we are most able to deal with. We know about happy and sad. But when were we ever taught how to handle what’s in between? My varsity baseball coach would tell our team: “Never get too high after a win, and never get too down after a loss. You have to find a middle ground.” I took that as, “Things can always get better or worse. Stay in between, and you’ll be just fine.” Now, I sort of view that as having the ability to be content. Stay in that gray area, content with a win or loss, and you’ll be able to move on more easily. Don’t go out and paint the town red after a good day, and don’t go head hunting after a bad one. Accept the fact that you can find a semi-purgatory, and park your car there. RSVP. If you have to, camp out the night before to get the best seats possible. I’m sorry, that just doesn’t register in my database. I hate not knowing where I stand. I hate “okay” or “aight” or “average”. I’m not a fan of “gray” or “grey”. I’ve never even liked the word “opaque” or “translucent”. If it’s not transparent, I try to stay away. In my opinion, the color gray can mask so many feelings. Gray skies are the worst indicator of the weather, even. You’re not sure whether the sun will come out, or whether there will be a storm coming. It’s confusing. Mind-boggling. Heart-wrenching. I would describe a person with a straight face as a “gray person”. Some might view a straight face as a serious one, but I tend to view it as a face that’s attempting to hide something. I’d much rather a person smile or frown than keep a straight face. Personally, I think it’s nothing more than a forced expression. Think about it. If you had to choose one color to describe the “Mona Lisa”, wouldn’t gray be a fairly accurate answer? Some art experts STILL have no clue how to read her face. I’m not sure whether she’s trying to contain a Cheshire-like smile or a menacing snarl that would make Genghis Khan jealous, myself. Plain, and simple, I’m no fan of gris… P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to my…

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  1. Seriously, Erik, this might have been one of the dopest blogs that I’ve ever read. I didn’t know someone could take minutiae bullshit like the color gray and TOTALLY rail on it. Good job, Erik!

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