What happened to you this year, Summer Solstice?

I cannot tell a lie. I did not fully enjoy this summer. I say this, mainly because of the uncharacteristic weather during the summer here in Chicago. Example: The average temperature during July (which is usually the hottest month during the year) was only 69.4 degrees. 69.4 degrees?!?! That’s great…for the month of April or May! Add the fact that Chicago borders Lake Michigan, and 69 degrees feels more like 64 degrees. I’m not sure if the temperature reached 90 degrees ONCE this summer. We rarely saw days where the temperature reached higher than 85 degrees, even. The 4th of July? Horrible. I don’t think the temperature was more than 75 degrees, and it was an overcast, rainy day. When you think of the summer, you think of hot, sun-filled days. When you can step outside at 9am and see nothing but sunshine. When you can step outside at 9pm and still feel the warmth that is the summer. It should not be hoodie or even light jacket season. It should be outdoor patio and rooftop dining season. Many of us had plans hindered by this past summer’s crappy weather. Whether it was an evening out, trip to the beach, or simple late-night walk. The summer brings joy and optimism, and frankly, this summer’s weather put a damper on many people’s moods. Couple that with the fact that the year 2009 has seemingly gone by faster than years’ past, and it almost feels as if there was no summer at all. Now, we find ourselves officially dealing with autumn. It’s a shock really, seeing as how so many didn’t get the proper chance to enjoy their summer. I guess that all we can do is wait for June 21, 2010, and hope that Summer Solstice puts forth a better effort to be there for us next go-round. P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to my favorite nerd

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