A Saturday at Wrigley Field…

Aisle 425, Row 7, Seat 103. Damn my acrophobia. I hate walking down the few steps to Row 7. Pretty good view, though. It’s like some of these women think they’re coming to a Cubs game to be seen. And the dudes sitting in the aisle across from us? WOW. Both of them are wearing Montreal Expos jerseys and fitteds. In other news…I dig how there are a couple of people rocking Blackhawks apparel, though. I don’t feel so bad for wearing my Black Hawks(Original 6) fitted now. WHO wears heels to a Cubs game? A foul ball ended up being caught by a guy two rows in front of me. I didn’t even budge. I just never saw the point of climbing over someone to catch a foul ball. I wish Soriano was playing today. I laugh watching him playing leftfield. Randy Wells was one of the few Cubs that didn’t make me wanna throw my tv out of the window this season. I’m glad he had a good start; good way to finish his season. Not sure why the second beer tastes better than the first. Could it be the beginnings of a “buzz”? Food and drinks are expensive as hell at Wrigley. $6.50 for a beer, $4 for a hot dog. $3.25 for a pretzel, jeez… But, you have to eat SOMETHING, right? Recorded Ryne Sandberg singing the 7th Inning Stretch in “sepia”. Dope. Finally, Marmol closed this thing. Cubs win. Getting out of Wrigley is the tricky part. Wrigley is old as shit, and has too many narrow paths, considering 40,000 are leaving at basically the same time. And unlike in LA, where Dodgers fans start leaving at 7pm, regardless, Cubs fans usually stick around for all 9. Why do I miss Jada right now? Phone’s dying, but Jessica Rabbit just told me the Blackhawks AND Michigan St. won. Nice. I’m in the mood for some shrimp egg foo yung. With french toast. Tomorrow’s the last Cubs game of the year. Disappointing season, but at least I have Wrigley… P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to Uncle John, and all the Cubs fans out there that bleed blue and red…

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