Just the weekend…

I went to the Cubs game Saturday. It was their second to last game, and fortunately, they won. Sadly, they didn’t win today, in the finale. Still, I don’t think they’ve lost any fans. I know the Cubs haven’t lost me. We’ll simply wait for pitchers and catchers to report to spring training, in 2010, and hope that 1212 months is enough of a wait. Even though the Blackhawks got points after their first game for a shootout loss, I still wanted to see them get their first win of the season before leaving Finland. Coach Quenneville started Niemi in net (in front of his hometown fans) and the Blackhawks shut out the Panthers, 4-0. I’m glad to see the young Blackhawks showing that they can rack up goals and win games, even if it is only 2 games into the season. And thank somebody the Bears blew the Lions out today. Good teams are supposed to blow teams like the Lions out, 48-24. I wish Cutler had thrown for more yards, but I’m pretty sure he likes wins over individual accolades. On another tip, Michigan State beat Michigan for the Paul Bunyan Trophy. So I figure that half off my family can’t stand me right now. I don’t care; I have bragging rights for the next year… P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to The Deck Guild

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