Last time I heard, being faithful works…

For the life of me, I CANNOT figure out why someone in a relationship would cheat. It’s very simple. You start a relationship with someone that you want to commit yourself to. You end a relationship with someone that you don’t want to commit yourself to anymore. If at any point during the relationship, you feel that you or your spouse is not doing their job, and the problem can’t be resolved…relationship’s over. Just like that. No one (to my knowledge) is contractually or legally obligated to stay in a relationship with someone that they don’t want to commit to. If your girlfriend is only on board to have sex once a day, and you prefer thrice…dump her. Especially if she’s not willing to meet you halfway. If your boyfriend decides that he’d rather have nightly excursions without you, and something about that doesn’t sit right with you…dump him. There’s no need to be with someone that can’t meet your simple needs, even if they may be more sex or quality time. Cheating ruins trust. I’ve always told anyone within earshot that I could NEVER forgive a woman for cheating on me. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. If you had the audacity to go outside of our relationship once, for whatever reason, who’s to say you wouldn’t do it again if you saw the opportunity? I prefer to know that my girlfriend is going out, and be able to fully trust her, rather than pace back and forth, questioning myself about whether she is where she says she’s gonna be. After all, isn’t trust the most important part of a relationship? Once the trust is gone, isn’t the relationship on its last legs? It’s hard to do ANYTHING with someone that you feel you can’t trust. This is a genuine question: Do people who cheat not understand how simple it is to sit someone down and tell them, “It’s over”? That’s all you really have to say. A long, drawn-out explanation isn’t necessary. In my opinion, it’s a person’s right to end a relationship if they feel the need to do so. You’d be naïve to think that a relationship could be successful with two people on different pages. I’d rather a chick dump me because she doesn’t like the way the color blue looks on me, rather than cheat with someone that she likes the color on. Let people know where they stand with you. Allow them to decide from that point forward whether they want to exert any effort to be with you. I think it’s unfair to keep someone in the dark. Don’t hold someone back; allow them the chance to find someone better, too. Sometimes I think that’s the majority of a cheater’s psyche. Knowing that they have found someone that they most likely consider a better option, not wanting to entertain the idea that their spouse could do the same. It’s about not wanting to be told that they’re not doing their job. Which is uber-wack. And if you don’t think monogamy is your thing, being single works just fine… P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to all the stand-up dudes and dudettes out there, and Peanut Butter, who should be touching down shortly…


  1. OM freakn G! I honestly thought that I was the only one who sincerely felt like this! It so sucks when a person would much rather make u look stupid than be str8 up wit ya. It’s even worse when it’s a family member involved. & Yes, you’re right I also could NEVER continue with a person who has cheated because unlike many I DO believe in the saying “Once a cheater always a cheater”. But in MY case both parties involved definitely got what they my eyes. It still probably wasn’t enough for the time that they allowed my life to be infiltrated by their deceitful poison. But–oh well, Hers’s my line of the night: “Out of all animals MAN is the ONLY one that is cruel. He inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it”.–Mark Twain

    • Word. Cheating irks the shit out of me. I think there’s cowardice and most definitely disregard involved. I’ll never understand how a person can take a cheater back, either. Thanks for the quote, Ms. Carter…

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