Say what you mean, kid…

So…all I ask is that people say what they mean. I’m not sure why someone would make a statement about something and then find a way to somehow change the way they worded it…after already expressing their opinion. Any halfway intelligent person would be able to comprehend what is said, and form an opinion based on that. Getting caught up in a contradiction and adding new points to your argument to cover it up will most likely get you nothing but laughter. Not humorous laughter, but the kind of condescending laughter that would make most people red in the face. If you feel a certain way about something, stick to it. Don’t try and retract previous statements, or accuse someone of misconstruing what you’ve said. And if you find yourself conveying a point to someone that just isn’t getting it, all you have to do is end the conversation. Point, blank, period. I’ve heard people say some of the most crass, crude, lewd, and asinine things…and then say that it was uttered out of frustration. That’s no different than doing something wildly obscene or ludicrous and blaming it on being drunk. What’s the problem with that? Some of those remarks can hurt people. Some of those remarks can lose others’ respect. Some of those remarks can cause others to look at you as if you’re unintelligent. To ask for forgiveness, or explain that you’ve said something because you were at your wit’s end is no excuse, in my opinion. Karen stressed to me, “Think before you speak”. Try it; it works wonders. If you know that your frustration can get the best of you, causing you to potentially offend someone, it’s up to you to change that. No one wants to be berated or hear nonsensical bullshit because you have a short fuse. Others aren’t inside of your head. They don’t know what you really meant to say, or that you weren’t speaking with malicious intent. I’m not referring to instances when you feel the need to clarify yourself in order to be better understood. I’m referring to an instance when you say the first thing that comes to mind, and then get called out for the message. Don’t get mad, or say someone is “attacking” you, please. If I’m on the receiving end of that garbage, it won’t be long at all before you lose me. TRUST. P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. I’m here…

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  1. Don’t you hate people that backtrack and come up with 1,000 different arguments? Ugh! Stick to one argument, bitch!

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