A fried Saturday

Booooy, howdy! Today has been a good day so far. Two of my favorite people, Head 2 and Head 3, came over in the morning with breakfast from Valois and dro. After killing our breakfast, Quick and I laughed at PB as she attempted to effectively pearl a swisher. She went through an entire box before she finally got it right. Bless her heart, she’s learning. Because of her futile attempts with the first 4, I had to walk to the local gas station and buy another box, where I saw quite possibly a chick with the hottest walk of all time. PB and I had a dance-off, which I won, of course. She almost had me with the Beyonce “Crazy In Love” move until she stumbled and fell on her face. LAUGH. OF. THE. DAY. She said she’s going to give me my tropical Skittles tomorrow for winning. If she doesn’t, she KNOWS I’ll send someone after her. I kind of halfway watched football today. None of the games mattered that much to me. Obviously, the one that does, Michigan St/#6 Iowa, is on now. I really hope MSU can pull off the upset. Actually, I wouldn’t really view it as an upset. I feel Michigan St is a better team. It’s just that my Spartans have been the victims of some close losses this season. Had they not lost to Central Michigan and Notre Dame, they’d most likely be a top-15 team right now. I seriously had no intentions of partying tonight until I heard “Saturday Night”, on Nicolay’s “City Lights Vol 2: Shibuya”. Carlitta Durand’s voice is so…EEE!!! I blame her for my newfound desire to go out tonight and “get it in”. No liquor tonight (maybe a blunt or 4); just good old-fashioned partying. I know for a fact that at least 7 people that I know will be at the party, so I’m pretty sure one of them will come equipped with some sticky icky. I hate having a case of the randies. This is one of the downsides of a long-distance relationship. It doesn’t help when chicks make themselves “available”, but I have self-control and the willpower to simply ignore them. It would be a lot easier if she were here, though. I’m not used to this, obviously, and admittedly, I’m internally struggling with it a little bit. During times like this, I want to say, ‘Fuck this’, but I adore her. I really do. I’m tempted to v-neck it out tonight because I figure that it’s going to get VERY hot in that basement. 6 o’clock, I’m geeked. That’s all I got… P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to everybody in East Lansing, MI, cheering on the Spartans tonight. GO STATE!!!


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