Morehouse said what?

Eric (@Akcantune, good look, bruh) brought this ( article to my attention. “New Morehouse College Policy Bans Sagging”. First, let me say that I DESPISE sagging jeans, slacks, khakis, sweats, and shorts. It looks tacky, and gives off the image that a man has no respect for himself or others. I do not appreciate having to see a man’s underwear, and if more men knew that in some areas, homosexuals are known to sag their pants purposely, they might not be as quick to sag theirs. This is not something that only black men do; I’ve seen plenty of white and latino males do the same. I HATE sagging. However, this new “Appropriate Attire Policy” does not just prohibit sagging. Wearing grills, du-rags, hats, “stunner” shades, hoods(I assume they mean hoodies), and pajamas to class will also be against the new policy. So will students wearing anything constituted as “female clothing”, which obviously is directed towards the gay students on campus. Morehouse President has instituted this policy with hopes of bringing back the “Renaissance Man”. Good luck with that, Mr. Franklin. College works like this: Most of the student population forks over thousands of dollars a year to an “institution of higher learning”. In exchange, students receive an education and are groomed to enter the “real world” after commencement(should they be lucky enough to make it that far). College students are seen as adults, virtually. Well, maybe young adults, as there are still rules and regulations that those on campus must adhere to. When a student doesn’t go to class, a professor does not call his/her parents. When a student does not do his/her work, again, parents aren’t involved. No extensions are given. Students are not babied; they are seen as social security numbers at most colleges and universities. President Franklin, if you have no plans to make attendance mandatory, or involve parents in campus life more…why dictate what kinds of clothes and accessories your students can wear? Granted, some believe that without all of the “gaudiness”, students can focus on what is really important, which would be their education, and how they represent themselves and their university. But shouldn’t you stress better study habits and work ethic? What about more involvement in student organizations? Or more contributions to the campus community? Will there be some sort of seminar advising students on how to properly dress for class, job interviews, work, or even a date? Although you consulted with the school’s gay rights organization before coming up with the ban against female clothing, weren’t you a little more than afraid of basically singling out that group of students on campus? I mean, I think it’s safe to say that a heterosexual male college student wouldn’t show up to class wearing a dress and pumps. And last time I checked, homosexual males do indeed wear grills and du-rags, so banning tunics(what the hell is a tunic, anyway?)would be a rule relegated to the gay community on campus. When I was an incoming college freshman, one of the things that I was excited about was that I could pretty much be able to wear what I wanted to class. I could wear a hat, hoodie, or even my big ass Columbia jacket, which I could not do in high school. True, I did not show up in pajamas or with a grill in my mouth, but seeing as how we were supposedly seen as “young adults”, I figured that if we wanted to show up looking like idiots, it would be fine. After all, WE paid to be educated, and not to be told what attire is appropriate or not in a CLASSROOM. Sagging? Get rid of it. Grills, hoodies, pajamas, and (for those brave males who dare to wear them to class) purses and pumps? I just don’t see how that TOTALLY adversely affects someone of being “well-spoken, well-read, well-traveled, well-dressed, and well-balanced”. Honestly, I think it creates an even bigger generation gap. I completely understand what President Franklin is trying to accomplish by adopting this policy. I’m just not sure it’s fair to place this kind of mandate on “young adults”. Let your students know that you don’t believe the way they express themselves is necessarily wrong; only that you wish(key word, wish)to show them a better way. Your institution is preparing young men to become husbands, fathers, and professional members of society. President Franklin, expose…don’t impose… P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to all of my brothers, no matter what race, that keep it classy…

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  1. This seems like a fucking crock. There’s no way that I could go to a college that has a dress code. I wore a stupid dress from kindergarten through high school, and I was so excited to be able to dress how I wanted to upon entering college.

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