What’s it gonna be?

I’ve never claimed to totally, or even partially understand women. Even though I was raised by a single mother and my grandmother, I’ll never make that claim. Even though the majority of my closest friends are women(who I talk to regularly), I STILL won’t make that claim. I’ve heard a woman’s point of view basically my entire life. I NEVER had anything that closely resembled a father figure. And yet, I know I couldn’t possibly even begin to say that I know women. However, I am very observant. I pay very close attention to words first, and then actions. Example: A female friend(who shall be called “Amy”)and I were discussing men who push for sex…EARLY. As in, “I know this was only our first date, but…” She complained that “too many guys try to get you drunk”. I totally felt what she was saying, and understood why she would be upset by the notion that a guy would EXPECT sex after a first date. Or even bring up the possibility of it. Or even make a futile attempt at urging a woman to get intoxicated. Fast forward two weeks, and while a few of us are sitting around having a good time with Mary Jane, she starts singing, “Don’t wanna disrespect ya, know I just met ya/But we both know we want/ First date sex”. What is the difference between Trey Songz TELLING a woman what SHE wants and a guy simply bringing up the idea of sex after the first date? Two words: Trey. Songz. Not the regular guy on the street or in the club, but the famous, rich, popular R&B artist. I’m not sure why it is that some women clamor about being disrespected by men, and yet support artists who virtually do the same thing through song. Trey Songz is obviously not the only artist guilty of this, but right now, he seems to be your girlfriend’s fantasy. I hear a good number of young women speak of him as if he is their Marvin Gaye. As if he is the king of swoon. A man who makes songs titled, “Cheat On You” and “Stickyface”(yes, the song is what you think it’s about)is not swooning anyone, even if he does make a song that tugs at a woman’s heart every once in a while. I had this same feeling 3 years ago when Webbie dropped the single, “Gimme Dat”. He pulled no punches, telling women to, “Gimme dat pussy”. And women ate. It. Up. Fellas, imagine walking up to a woman and repeating those same three words. You would either get laughed at, slapped, punched, or kicked in the gonads. Or maybe all four. And what’s the difference between the average guy and Webbie? Well, Webbie is a celebrity(at least he’s seen as one in some circles). That’s honestly the only significant difference that I see. The song “Tip Drill” got PLENTY of women in clubs to shake their asses, as well. Besides a group of young women at Spelman University, I wasn’t aware of any other large groups of women that spoke out against Nelly’s poor excuse of not only a song, but a video. I am a man that LOVES women, but that video was totally unnecessary. And it alarmed me that for about three months, women in clubs in Chicago and parts of Michigan went absolutely CRAZY when this song came on. Women that would most likely harp about men and their lack of respect for women. It’s ignorant music, plain and simple. Have I ever listened to ignorant music? Sure I have. Hell, it’s hard to ignore, let alone avoid. Would I ever support an artist that contributed to this “semi-genre”? Not in a million light years. I know that there are a good number of women that couldn’t care less whether Dwayne Carter the rapper or Dwayne Carter the average Joe Blow said, “I just wanna fuck every girl in the world”. They’d be offended just the same. What is alarming to me is the number of simplistic songs telling women things that they claim they don’t want to hear from the average guy. And again, they eat it up. Gucci Mane, Dwayne, Trey Songz, Yo Gotti, and other male artists that partake in this behavior and show such “creativity” don’t make those songs for men. They make them for women. I just don’t think it’s fair for a woman to expect me or other men to be Prince Charming, yet allow a “celebrity” to address them as if they’re nothing more than a sex object. In no way, shape, or form am I condoning the chauvinistic, misogynistic actions that are exhibited by some men. It’s vile, obscene, and there’s no place for it in ANY society. But for the few women that contradict yourselves when it comes to the matter of how a man addresses you…get a grip. P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. #shoutout to PB the Dealer and Vanilla Thriller Killer

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  1. I really don’t understand women that want to be viewed as some sort of prestigious broad during the day, and then at night turn into whores, vagabonds, skanks, and wankers. They annoy the holy hell out of me.

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