Be thankful for what you’ve got…

Happy Thanksgiving! This is the day when most of us find the nearest family or friends and stuff our faces until we feel our stomachs are going to explode. We show up(sometimes unexpectedly), ready to watch football and to have a plate or two, or three, or four… Most of us don’t take the time to express what we are truly thankful for, which I suppose is okay. I don’t believe that people should let it be known how grateful they are because of a holiday, although the concept is quite nice. I’m thankful. Here goes… I’m thankful for: Karen being a ROYAL HARDASS when I was a kid. Granny B always being there, no matter the circumstances. Adam J, my little brah. Unofficial aunt Charity, Adam and I love you as if you were really our aunt. Jada, the DOPEST womanfriend a dude can have. Bfff, wherever she may be. Tiara in her tiara, my CT homegirl. Fowler, one of my best friends and a fellow sneaker freaker. Jon, my homeboy from another galaxy. L-Boogie, the illest Moneypenny ever. B, Cause, Darian, and X, my 87th crew. My hookah buddy, Lauren Action Jackson. My cousin, J-Bird, keep pushin’. Amber Rose, Jr, for picking me up when it seems like no one else wants to. Jus, you let dudes like me know that we’ll eventually find our forever. Sarahsota aka Gray Eyes! Dina, stop plaaaayin’. Desi, you’re a cornball, but I love you. Adrienne, my BBM bffn and one of the dopest mothers ever. JESSICA BOLDEN!!! G, you were right: Everything happens for a reason. Jihaan, you’re a beast. Brian, stay up. My Twitter fam. All of my dudes from the 2nd floor of Schilling Hall. Everyone that made my experience in East Lansing, MI, a much more enjoyable one. James, where you at, kid?! Ms. DJ, what up?! Lydia, my Cali chica. Dewey, reppin’ the Sag-nasty. J-mar, my dude! Ms. Noelani, aka Ms. Rock Star. Darryl, the man who’s been cutting my hair for the last 5 years. Sonya, my M-town buddy. Dion, Rock, Marcus, Charles, and anybody else I hoop with. Lana, for. being the coolest airhead in the history of airheads. My godmother Cathy and my godfather Voies, thanks for being there when I didn’t even want anyone to be. My health and mental well-being. If I forgot you, tough cookies… P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. You may not have, a car at all. Just remember, brothers and sisters, you can still, stand tall. Just be thankful(just be thankful). For what you’ve got…


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