I see your priorities are out of wack…

I assume that unless you’ve been under a rock for the last week, you’re aware that Tiger Woods ran over a fire hydrant and smack dab into a tree. Initially, some(myself included)chalked it up to drunk driving. Then the time of the accident was made public: 2:25AM. Uh-oh, I thought to myself. Where was he going at 2:25AM? Then we started to hear rumors about his wife beating him with the same golf club that she reportedly used to break one of his car windows and pull him out of his Escalade. From that, speculation started to run rampant. Was she beating him over a marital quarrel, or was there a more serious issue at hand? Like…adultery? It seems odd that someone would leave their house at that time of morning unless… Nah, we didn’t know anything for sure. After all, rumors are spread about celebrities everyday. Most are false, while some are true. Days go by, and still, Tiger didn’t want to address the public. He didn’t want to talk to police(which is his legal right considering he was involved in a traffic and not criminal matter). Now people were really getting antsy. Was he cheating, and caught? Did his wife hit him with the golf club? Was she merely chasing him with the golf club? Did she really beat the consciousness out of him? Days pass, and a promoter’s name pops up. Pretty, but she claims they’d never had an affair. Then all of a sudden another name pops up, this one claiming to have been Tiger Woods mistress. Now the shits hit the fan. People are wondering whether this means the end of Tiger’s marriage, or if his sponsors will abandon him. Fast-forward to yesterday, and it’s confirmed: Tiger did indeed have a sexual relationship outside of his marriage. E-mails, text messages, and incriminating voice mails. Tiger couldn’t hide anymore. The jig was up. He’d infuriated many when he didn’t want to comment on the accident, and those angered by the fact that he wanted to remain recluse were now even more perturbed by the fact that he was hiding his extramarital affairs. Both men and women were outraged. Some members of the media lashed out at Tiger. Bloggers immediately disparaged and berated him for what they deemed were “celebrity acts”. The story has ruled the news. And not just ESPN…the news. President Obama addressed the country last night with his plans to send 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, and seemingly, no one cared. Never mind that this country is in a world of debt, and that the troop surge will cot $30billion. People were so consumed by Tiger’s scandal that I guess they viewed sending men and women to their death was just irrelevant. This is nothing new. This country is infamous for ignoring real, vital issues that affect us all to instead find out via TMZ where Britney Spears eats lunch, or whether or not Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are “beefing”. Foreigners laugh, because we are SCREWED, and don’t seem to not only not understand, but not acknowledge the severity of the situation. Unemployment rate over 10% nationally? That doesn’t matter, as long as we know the name of Lil Wayne and Nivea’s baby. Discussion about the disparity of police and media coverage of minority children that are deemed “runaways” instantly? Nope. People on Twitter would rather contribute to the #sidechickawareness trending topic. We are a nation that subscribes to Sun and the National Enquirer. We watch Entertainment Tonight in order to better get a glimpse into our favorite celebrities’ lives. We rely on Perez Hilton to give us updates on who’s having sex with who, and what celebrity has been arrested or sent to rehab. Never mind the fact that children are dying everyday. Forget that there are thousands of college students that have had to sit out a semester or two, or attend a city, community, or junior college due to insufficient funding. Ignore the health problems that so many are facing on a daily basis, and how difficult it is for a large number of them to get the care that they need. We want to know whether Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are at each other’s throats. We want to be kept up to date on the Rihanna/Chris Brown situation. Why do we care so much about people that don’t give a rat’s ass about us? Do any of you really think that a celebrity wants anything from you more than your money? As long as you attend the sporting events, movie showings, stand-ups and concerts, they’re happy. They want your dead presidents, dinero, greenbacks, chop, dust, bread, dough…your money. Don’t invest so much time, energy, and emotion into someone that won’t reciprocate. If you’d dismiss those that are actually AROUND YOU for not returning the favor, why would you be so hung up on people you’ll most likely never even have the opportunity to meet? I wonder about the quality of life that celebrity addicts lead. If they lead any type of life at all… P.S. I miss Karen!!! P.P.S. I’m in full ’80s mode until the end of the year…


  1. Our society is in a zombie state. And this fog won’t lift until the “powers that be” take a good look at the media and effective action to change the images and messages we’re bombarded with constantly. One thing that I have respected about Obama’s decisions he has made since he’s been in office is his decision to lift the ban on media coverage of the bodies of soldiers being returned to the US (that is aside, of course, from his recent decisions involving the war). We have grown to satisfied with ignoring what’s real and I felt like that was a good step towards reality and a away from “reality TV”.

    When you watch the news, as you said, more attention is paid to celebrities than to real issues. WGN reported, almost begrudgingly, on the disappearance of a young man from the Westinghouse High School area after Jahmeshia Conners body was found. Along with this child’s picture the ran a clip from the Chicago Police basically saying “we don’t give a fuck” and you could tell they were forced by circumstances to run this story. It’s so sad it is almost laughable that our media has to be forced to report on a missing “urban” child (their words not mine) but Tigers bust downs get all the spots they want with no problem. In the last two days I have seen more coverage of the Grammy’s, Tiger and the attention seeking party crashers than I have the war and the 30,000 new troops going over and it saddens me. We are allowing the wool to be pulled over our eyes, and more so we’re finding comfort in it. No politician (Obama included) will get my full support until they use their power to bring about reform in the media.

    Not just the news but the TV shows, even commercials perpetuate this same zombie state. We live in a shallow, materialistic society that feeds on anything that takes our focus off of what’s real. And in the age of “microwave parenting” where the television has a bigger hand in raising our children than we do, we are bringing up a generation of children that believe these frivolous things really matter. I’m old enough and wise enough to separate the real from the fake but to a child the separation is obviously more difficult. We asked ourselves after Derrion Albert was brutally beaten to death by his peers “why don’t these kids have any respect for life?” it’s because we’re teaching them that real life doesn’t matter and the make believe is where they should stake their faith by the images and messages we allow to be pumped into them.

    There is nothing wrong with the entertainment industry (the existence of it rather, what IS wrong with it is a whole other conversation) I enjoy music movies and television just like the next person but when you have generation growing up in a time where parenting takes a step back and stars and celebrities take a step forward we are all moving very fast toward a dead end. We all need to take a part in changing the media by choosing to ignore the bullshit and promote that attitude in our homes, start at the beginning. They will have to adjust their programming to cater to their viewers and that’s the only way we will see the change. But as you said when you log into twitter and see Pleasure P as a top trending topic, hope for the future is difficult to believe in.

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