Yeah…I don’t do New Year’s resolutions…

Seriously, I don’t. I touched on this briefly in another blog, and I think that I gave a pretty decent explanation for why I feel this way. To be a little more in-depth…

I think New Year’s resolutions are stupid. If you want to better yourself, more power to you. I encourage it, actually. So many people nowadays are content with their current position, that they fail to realize that unless you’re perfect, you can always improve. But to screw around for an entire year, and on the last day of that year decide that you’re going to somehow be more productive, efficient, successful, etc….is sad. Millions of people do this every year. And what’s even sadder is that most don’t make any forward progress in reaching their “goals”. From “I will stop smoking” to “I will be a better man” to “I will donate to charity”, these are resolutions that usually go ignored after several weeks of the new year, anyway. This laziness often shows up in relationships. When it’s brand new, one makes sure to be on the ball as much as possible. Once the relationship gains weight, the little things stop. There’s a routine. A sense of accomplishment comes into play, and the relationship eventually suffers.

I have some advice: Do better…no…BE better, 365 days a year. No one expects your “A” game everyday, but I know that I expect an earnest effort. If you can’t put forth at least a decent effort, maybe you should isolate yourself from the rest of society and forget about New Year’s resolutions. Nothing can save you. You’re like Paris Hilton in a college classroom: a lost cause.

I think it’s safe to say that my 2009 won’t be listed among my favorites anytime soon. It started off at a wack New Year’s party with a girlfriend that I later discovered was just going through the motions. Somehow, an engagement followed. A few months later, we split like cheerleaders at a competition. Disappointment and heartbreak decided to pay me a visit. I quit my job not long after, and sleptwalked through a sub par summer, highlighted by bad weather and boredom. I figured I’d have to chalk the year up as another “lost year”, try to start anew, and then…

Things started to turn around once I was introduced to Billie Frechette. I had to remove someone from my circle, but it was well worth it. Time passed, Billie and I became closer, and we began committing crimes on a nightly basis. To cap my 2009, I spent the last few days of the year (and the first of 2010) knocking over banks and stealing cars with Ms. Frechette. The majority of 2009 may have been something I’d like to forget, but the end filled me with optimism for 2010.

Although I was involved in a failed relationship, I never felt as if I needed to make a resolution to be a better boyfriend. I gave that relationship, and her, everything I had. My friends know how to get in touch with me, and I let them know whenever I can that I’m here for them. I don’t need January 1 to start practicing loyalty or trustworthiness. My Granny B would get my last dollar if she needed it, whether at the beginning or end of the year. The same goes for the little brah. And Billie Frechette. Everyone in my circle will be treated as if they were in my circle ALL YEAR, and they’ll get nothing less from me.

Life is too short to drift through a year without worries, and then try to turn it around for the next year. I may be only 24, but I just don’t feel that I have that kind of time.

I remember one of my friend’s father telling me, “New Year’s resolutions are for people who know they’ve just wasted an entire year.” Mr. Nathan, I now know what you were talking about…

P.S. I miss Karen!!!

P.P.S. #shoutout to Granny B, Adam J, Billie Frechette, Charity, Little Jackie, Lauren, Jon, @CrimeDoesPay, Peach, Tiara in her tiara, Sarahsota, Brian, Amber Rose Jr, Mary, Miss DJ, Fowler, Nani, Quick, Lauren Jackson, Christian, SonyaRoi, James, Chip, Dion, Phil, Manny, Big Ron, Little Ron, Tenisha, Cause, J-mar, Vito, Dina, D, Jonboy, Ali, Darrell, the Animal House, all of my Sigma, Zeta, and Spartan family, and everyone who strives for excellence everyday, and not just December 31, at 11:59 PM…


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