My name is Erik. And I am a sneaker freaker…

Yes, it is true. I am addicted to sneakers, gym shoes, tennis shoes, kicks, et cetera.  Dress shoes are obviously cool and stylish enough when worn with dress clothes. Timberlands and duck boots are clearly fresh when rocked appropriately. Still, nothing beats a pair of dope ass sneakers.

My insane love affair with sneakers started in 1989, when I was 4. I was watching a Bulls/Nets game with my mother, brother, and grandmother. For some reason, the cameraman cut to a shot of Michael Jordan’s shoes.

I never knew that something black, red, and “cement” could look so beautiful. It seemed like time stood still. The cameraman would not cut away from his shoes, and I was glad for it. I loved everything about the shoe. The unique way the shoes could be laced. The small air bubble. The jumpman on the tongue with the word “Flight” embroidered underneath it. This was a fucking Jordan, dammit.

Without a doubt, the Air Jordan is the greatest sneaker ever created. Its original intended use was for the basketball court (of course), but soon after MJ’s name started to amass global appeal, his shoe became a cultural phenomenon. It sparked my interest in other shoes as well, and the ways that they are designed. The Deion Sanders cross-trainers, the Frank “Big Hurt” Thomas spikes, the Air Pippen’s, Bo Jackson’s, Nike Air Griffey Max’s, Air Max 95’s, Air Max 90’s, Nike Dunks, Nike SBs, Air Force Ones, Air Force Twos, the Fila Grant Hill’s AND Jerry Stackhouse’s, Puma California’s, Etnies, DCs, Airwalks, Allen Iverson’s sneakers, Undrcrwns, Supras, Creative Recreations, and yes…I even owned a pair of Nike Air Tech Challenge Andre Agassi’s.

I’m a firm believer that a sexy woman is a woman that wears sneakers. It’s not that I think women who don’t wear gym shoes are less attractive, but there’s something about a woman in sneakers that riles me up. Gym shoes are casual; you don’t wear them to a regular nine-to-five or anywhere where the attire is business/dress. When I see a woman walking down the street in a pair of red/lime green Dunks, my record skips. I see enough women prancing around in heels that they can’t walk in, falling about while waiting for someone to take their picture. Most definitely, I am a fan of a woman who knows that she doesn’t have to get dolled up everywhere she goes, and I think that women in sneakers epitomizes that. How many women can you find in a pair of Supras who are high-maintenance? I’ll give you a year. And remember, being sexy isn’t totally dependent on one’s physical appearance. Being sexy is just as much about state of mind as looks.

I’m 25, and I still purchase sneakers. I don’t believe that one ever gets too old to wear sneakers, but I do believe that theory is complete and utter bullshit. In a way, rocking sneakers takes me back to a simpler time. But I’m not an avid lover of sneakers because of the nostalgia they can sometimes bring, but because they fit my style. I love regular and v-neck tees, flannel button-downs, and hoodies. I wear blue jeans as if I get paid to. I have more fitted caps than I know what to do with. I’m even rocking a beard now. If I worked or regularly attended a place where sneakers and a “casual” look weren’t allowed, I’m sure my outlook would be quite different by now.

However, that isn’t the case. I am a hip hop-lovin’, modern-day hippie, skateboarding, eclectically dope dude. And as long as designers and creative teams continue to express themselves through footwear in the form of sneakers, I will never give up my addiction…

P.S. I miss Karen and the Moondance Woman!!!

P.P.S. This blog is dedicated to Peach…

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