Sorry, ladies…you can’t have it both ways…

Ines Sainz? Gimme a break. Jenn Sterger? Child, please. Could someone tell women like Sainz and Sterger that they can’t have their cake and eat it, too?

What a reporter!!!

Seriously, what is it with women who show up to places (work, social settings, etc.) scantily clad? Why is it so hard for them to grasp why some would harass them, either through insults or creepy, douchy comments? How can they wonder why some women and men would look down on them?

The Ines Sainz/New York Jets situation was one that annoyed me. I was initially annoyed because I thought that members of the Jets acted like the stereotypical man when around at least a remotely attractive woman. Catcalls. hooting and hollering. Inappropriate gestures and comments. Unwanted advances. Granted, those things probably happened, but I was shocked when I got a chance to see what Sainz looks like. One word, three letters: HOT. She has gorgeous skin, a beautiful face, and a derriere that stands out like a green hat with an orange bill (shoutout to Eminem). She’s been called the hottest reporter in Mexico, and with very, very, very good reason. Although, I think people are being generous when they call her a reporter. Does checking the size of players’ biceps count as journalism? Whether or not Sainz knows the definition of professionalism is unclear. What she is fully aware of though, is that she is very attractive and that the average man would break his neck just to get a better look at her.

Jenn Sterger’s story is different from Sainz’s, although not by much. Sterger was once a sideline reporter for the New York Jets. She once even got the attention of sports commentator, Brent Musburger, who said “1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State.” after seeing her in the stands during a Florida State-Miami football game.

Well at least Sterger is a Cubs fan...

She’s posed in Maxim and Playboy, the dream of every girl who aspires to be a journalist. While with the Jets, she alleges that former Jets quarterback Brett Favre sent her racy texts and left her voicemails in which she was propositioned. Now I don’t really doubt her story, but it’s crazy how almost every picture I’ve seen of her seems to be aimed at my testosterone. Money hungry, opportunistic golddigger, you say? I’m not sure. It is weird that she recently said that Brett Favre “allegedly” did what she accused him of?
Take one look at both of these women and I’m sure you would understand how both of them could get so much attention, even if most of it is negative. Let’s be realistic. Do you think the women hired to walk around a boxing/MMA ring with a card with the round number on it are hired because of their educational background? Level of intellect? The way they hold a card? Danica Patrick has appeared in commercials in which she’s looked and acted like a character from Coyote Ugly. 99.9% of the reason that Patrick gets so much attention is because of her looks. She knows this, and takes advantage of it quite often. SHE’S WON ONE FREAKIN’ RACE! ONE!!! What are Hooters employees for? Pro cheerleaders? Dance teams? Auto show girls? They’re here to serve as eye candy, and nothing more.
I don’t condone men acting like horndogs, especially those older than 18. I was taught by my mother to always respect women, no matter what the circumstances are. I’m confused why more women don’t seem to respect themselves. Women like Sainz and Sterger know they’ve been employed primarily so men could ogle at them. How could any women in their position be so naive? Women who like like that must, at least once a week, look at themselves in the mirror and think, “God damn, I’m hot as hell!” 
Don’t show up to a club in a shirt that shows half of your breasts and a skirt so short and tight that you can’t even sit down. Leave the stripper boots at home, too. If you want to walk into the spot dressed like you’re ready for a wet tee shirt, contest, more power to you. Just don’t get all uppity and angry when your anti-Prince Charming approaches and talks to you through drunken, slurred speech. It may be hard to believe, but there are millions of intelligent, mature, respectable men (myself included) who are looking for intelligent, mature, and respectable women. We stay away from the women who dress and act a certain way in order to gain attention. I’m not against a liberated, empowered womn at all. However, I loathe the ones who put their body and sex appeal on display for any- and everyone to see, and then complain when they get that attention. I fully acknowledge that most of the women who like to give people a show aren’t easy, sluts, promiscuos, or whores. But why bother wearing the uniform?
The women like Sainz and Sterger should wise up and realize that most men want what they have. Hell, I want what they have (but I love Watford’s more). If a woman wants to be taken seriously and treated like a professional, then she shouldn’t put herself in a situation where she knows she’ll be objectified. It’s bad enough that a good number of men would objectify a woman even if she’s wearing a Belichek hoody and sweats. If you understand that, then it’s easy to comprehend why half-dressed women would turn heads, no matter the venue.
In my opinion, this isn’t a matter of sexism or the exploitation of women. This is about a few bad apples spoiling the bunch. It may be unfair, but so is life. Besides, how can a woman who’s more than willing be exploited?
P.S. I miss Karen and the Moondance Woman!!!
P.P.S. Kickball brawls have gotten completely out of hand…

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