5 People/Things That Need To Come Back

1) Chivalry/Being ladylike: Oh my, is Generation X ever an ill-mannered one. We are insanely profane, vulgar, lewd, crude, crass, cocky, self-centered, entitled, pompous, pretentious, belligerent, reckless, and any other adjective that could be used to describe a generally irresponsible, immature group of people. We simply couldn’t care less what people think about the way we live our lives, either. We know all. Except our men don’t know how to be gentlemen, and our women don’t know how to be ladies. When a guy my age asks me why a man walks next to the street with his female companion walking closer to the buildings, there is a huge problem. I don’t have a problem with women who curse, or even spit. However, I find it hard to tolerate a woman who curses more than George Carlin in his prime. I find it harder to find a woman attractive when she hawks and spits like she’s playing third base in the bottom of the ninth inning. Some men my age say that women killed chivalry, and I agree with them–to an extent. This generation of independent and empowered women have (maybe unknowingly) shunned chivalry, implying that chivalry is only used when dealing with a damsel in distress; a woman who can’t do for herself. Men have taken it a little too far, though. I believe that most men naturally want to be protectors/providers of/for their female companions, and exhibiting chivalry is one way in which we do so. But, ladies, when a man is holding a door open for you (which, unfortunately, is becoming a rarer and rarer occurrence nowadays), don’t respond with, “I don’t need you to hold the door open for me! I can do it myself!”

2) REAL celebrities: Remember when celebrities actually earned their status? When an actor or actress made more than one successful movie? Or when a singer or rapper didn’t ride one overplayed single to fame and fortune, even if only for 15 minutes? Who is our generation’s Denzel Washington? Jay-Z? Robert DeNiro? Robin Williams? Barack Obama? I get it. We like the quick, easy money. Working hard for a long period of time without acknowledgment does not endear itself to people who’d rather travel the less difficult road. If you’re one of those travelers, don’t complain about Tila Tequila, Kim Kardashian, Spencer Pratt, Sarah Palin, or Paris Hilton. It’s your fault. Take all of the blame. You’re on your way to being the subject of many “Why is he/she a celebrity?” conversations.

3) Lauryn Hill/Dave Chappelle: Please, Lauryn, Dave…COME BACK!!! Who doesn’t miss Lauryn Hill? Who doesn’t miss her gorgeous smile? Or her beautiful dreads? What about her unique, soulful voice? When I first heard “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”, I was hooked. It’s one of only four albums (the other three are Nas’s “Illmatic”, Biggie’s “Ready To Die”, and Radiohead’s “Kid A”) that I let play all the way through without skipping one track. Even though I could tell that young women were more likely to benefit from her music, I was infatuated with the uber-talented MC/singer from her start with The Fugees. She’s been away for way too long, and music lovers everywhere need her to make a comeback. Although Dave Chappelle is sort of still around, I don’t know one person who doesn’t feel that his show should come back to television. Most people only think of “I’m Rick James, bitch!” when thinking of Chappelle, but there are a few of us who know he was much more. His sketches were fresh, innovative, raunchy, and most importantly, funny. Chappelle’s comedy was just as much about social commentary and the ability to spark intelligent conversation among diverse groups of people as it was about making his fans laugh. Dave just didn’t give a fuck. His sketches were controversial, but they were necessary. He took the things that most of us are thinking, injected a little humor, churned out a sketch, and presented it to us once a week for two years. Maybe he started to feel like “Boondocks” creator Aaron McGruder does now; we’re just too ignorant to really get the point of what he’s saying. Maybe that’s why he turned down $50mil from Comedy Central and went back to the Motherland for a spell. None of us can be sure. What I do know is that Lauryn and Dave need to come back.

4) “ThunderCats”: I don’t really want to see another “ThunderCats” cartoon. I would like to see a ThunderCats live-action movie, though. “Transformers” was only okay, in my opinion. What’s better: A transforming truck or Lion-O and Cheetara fighting Lunataks? In my opinion, “Transformers” has only gained worldwide popularity because of the live-action movie series. (Shia Lebouf and Megan Fox are WACK, by the way) I don’t know too many people who preferred “Transformers” over “ThunderCats”, anyway. It would be so much more awesome to see brainiacs create Panthro and WilyKit. “Transformers” is old news. It’s all about “ThunderCats HO!!!”

5) Toughness/Culpability: Since when did people become so damn soft? Can no one take responsibility for their actions anymore? If you screw up, accept culpability and move on. Stop with all of the sad sap stories about an abusive parent, or a lying spouse. Chris Brown is a pussy, plain and simple. He’s a pussy not only because he beat the hell out of Rihanna, but because when interviewed by Larry King, he mentioned that he had seen his father be abusive towards his mother when he was a young boy. I guess he feels that he should be given a little lenience, even though he beat Rihanna as a GROWN ASS MAN, and not when he was a little boy. I won’t downplay the impact that growing up in an abusive household has on a child. When that child grows into an adult, however, they should by then know right from wrong. People don’t seem to know how to deal with life’s ups and downs, so we sit on couches and hope that someone can tell us who we can blame for our own deficiencies. It’s easier that way, right? Oy vey.

P.S. I miss Karen and the Moondance Woman!!!

P.P.S. I hang with movie writers, businessmen, and gangsters…


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