The questions…

How can a grown adult be a fan of Nimrod Minaj? Is “eclectic” a sophisticated way of saying “weird”? Am I the only person who thinks that Eminem wouldn’t get half of the praise he receives if he were black? Why do the dopest chicas come out of the woodworks when I’m off the market? Why do so many Chicagoans have an inferiority complex? Do you still watch Saturday morning cartoons? How many times have you asked yourself, “What the hell am I doing?” Am I really mean, or are you just overly sensitive? Remember when honesty was said to be the best policy? It’s not wrong to love her, but not be able to stand her at the same time, right? Is it skepticism when I feel most people can’t be trusted, or is it being in touch with reality? Why are Democrats so infatuated with Sarah Palin’s misquotes and gaffes? Who loves ya, baby? How ignorant is Reverend James Meeks? Do I ever cross your mind…anytime? When was the last time you partied with no apprehension? What purpose does cheating serve? Why do so many women blame men for all of their problems? Why don’t more men acknowledge that they drive women up the walls, and not in a good way? Would getting out of this be the right thing to do? Right now? How frustrating is it to be frustrated? Do you think your religious beliefs make you a better person than non-believers? How often do you become truly frightened? Am I crazy for telling myself, ‘You’re not crazy’? Sarah, what did I get myself into?!?!?!?!?!

P.S. I miss Karen and the Moondance Woman!!!

P.P.S. You should be here, Beasley…


  1. You know me. I’m gonna answer each and every question.

    I have absolutely no clue. To me, it is. You’re not the only one; I wholeheartedly agree. Because you’re hot. I’m not sure. I stopped watching them about 3, 4 years ago. Over 150 times. More than likely, they’re being overly sensitive. Yes, I remember. It’s not wrong; it’s natural. Being in touch with reality. Palin makes it too easy, that’s why. You do, baby! If you say he’s ignorant, chances are he’s more than that. I think about your fake eyes and fake eyelashes everyday. Last night. It only serves a purpose when you’re playing Monopoly. Insecurity. Insecurity. You’re not going anywhere, and you know it. It’s INSANELY frustrating. I’m an Atheist, so… I never get frightened. Yes, you are. You got yourself into a relationship with someone you adore, my good sir.

  2. So – anything that isn’t about sports interests me…. so quit writing about sports. Thanks in advance.

    I’m mad at myself that I was so bored I matched up all of her answers to your questions. lol. 🙂

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