‘s been a while.

i’m rusty, i know, and this poem probably sucks.
eh. nobody reads poems anyway.
but i felt like writing today, and i was thinking of my grandmother and an aunt who recently passed… and the words just came…

each tear carries a memory of you
each second, a smile
i don’t want to let either go
my biggest fear, forgetting you–
in those lost tears and moments
why must we always think of the best words to say when the time is up?
so much i never said
just assumed you knew
and now…
i wish i’d have just spoken my mind
rather than waiting ’til now
when the words are spoken to deaf winds
with a paper and pen
more of your memory fading with this blue ink
i can’t hear your response in pictures
hear you giggle at how silly i’m being
it sucks knowing, though, that
i should’ve hugged you one last time
uttered, “i love you,” more often when i thought of it
appreciated your presence as temporary
but we always assume that forever will never end
don’t we?


i’m not sad. just sitting here writing.


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