“Go Louis”, Vic Spencer/Black Spade

All hail the artistic return of Vic Spencer. By now, you already know the story behind “Go Louis”. At least, I’m assuming you do if you’re reading this. Here’s the abridged story: Chicago rapper Vic Spencer meets St. Louis emcee/producer Black Spade and “Go Louis” is born. Before this release, I had only really been familiar with “Vic Magorium’s Hip-Hop Emporium”, which has been in steady rotation since I downloaded it in December, 2009. Normally, I wouldn’t approve of Chicago and St. Louis mixing in any shape, form, or fashion, mostly because I’m a Cubs and Bears fan, but I was happy to make an exception in this case. Without spoiling a great listening experience, I’d like to say that the intro, “The Way An Intro Should Sound” and “Politics & Bullshit (That’s All You Hear)” are tracks that have great replay value, while accompanied by others, such as the semi-light but tight “Meltdown” and what I believe was the tape’s grittiest track, “79th Street”. Guests include Vic Mensa, Primeridian, Brian Fresco and Naledge, among others who help Spencer take another step towards establishing himself as one of the rappers who everyone should be listening to in 2011.

“Go Louis”, Vic Spencer/Black Spade link below:

Fake Shore Drive

"Go Louis"


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