Hello Old Friends

Hello old friends it’s been a while
Since we tossed and turned the dial
On the old radio machine
Waiting for something
Kinda like we’ve been so far

The stars winking
We just go by as though we don’t care
Because we don’t
Mad Dog 20/20
The bitterness
The times that we wanted to forget but forgot to remember
The searing heat as the stars begin to melt
And the sun begins to shiver
Our minds can’t keep straight
And our bodies can’t get unkinked

Strange words flow
From the pastor on the podium
Spilling his guts out all over the floor
Waiting for some sign
Yet the sign he should have stared at is creeping up behind
Taking his spine, what little was left
And crushing it in front of his tribe
Screaming for revolution like a crazed zealot
Needing more
Reaching for more
But in the end the only thing found is a hypocrite

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