Potential energy can easily be made kinetic.



If there’s one thing that horrifies me almost as much as uncontrollable frustration and a fear of epic, massive failure, it’s being stagnant. Most children struggle to stand in one place for more than 7 seconds, and I was no different as a youngster. I couldn’t walk into a store without wandering off and felt that I was somehow cooler, somehow more responsible, when not walking around with Karen, Granny B, or sitting on the floor in the women’s section of a department store. Many years later, beyond not wanting to stand or sit in one place because of the innate youthful urge to explore, the prospect of not making forward progress in life truly frightens me. We’ve all (namely, my generation) seen people who are going through their “2nd Childhood” (shoutout to Nasir) and we know what that entails. Not everyone who is stagnant is in their “2nd Childhood”, however. Many are content to just be alive, with a decent job, making decent money, surrounded by overall decency. Never moving forward, but never quite moving backwards, either. Doing everything in their power to avoid being in a state of flux. Taking no chances because taking chances involves risk. Settling for the average. Complacency. There are no highs or lows in their lives. Everything is just “okay”. Horror movies don’t do a damn thing for me, but being stagnant? Of that, I am undoubtedly terrified.

P.S. I miss Karen and the Moondance Woman!!!

P.P.S. I used to be a boy who liked girls until I grew up and had the chance to meet women…

P.P.P.S. Noah, Gibson, Korver, and 3 1st-round picks for Howard. Make it happen, Gar.


  1. Man stagnation is one of my biggest fears too, it’s like I know I’m going to die so that is a non issue but to live a life of boredom and regret then die? That’s worse than just dying to begin with, slower and way sadder.

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