Women. (No Bukowski)

I don’t appreciate silly women, which means I don’t appreciate most women in general. I am not saying this as a woman, as if I can somehow say things about them that men can’t, but as a sensible human being. I am sick and tired of the crying, whining, selfishness and blatant immaturity that plagues our sex. Everyday, I hear women complain about the childlike petulance of the male species, ignoring the fact that we are more than guilty of it, too. The simple fact that shows like Basketball Wives and Bad Girls Club not only exist, but are so popular among females (many of them, grown ass women) disheartens me beyond comprehension. We have such high expectations of men (mostly) when we fail to acknowledge, better yet realize, that they don’t hold us to the same standards. Why? Because they know better than to expect much from us. For some strange reason, we haven’t grasped that concept yet. This, despite being the way too often self-proclaimed smarter sex. Ask us, and we’re princesses and queens. Princesses and queens who, for the most part don’t even deserve to sit atop milk crates.

This is not to absolve men of their flaws. Anyone who is even remotely observant is aware of them. However, society does a good job of administering tough love to men, especially in this country. They’re constantly reminded of how dirty, dumb, immature, apathetic and douchey they are. On a daily basis. We don’t care that it may hurt their feelings. They’re men. It’s supposed to be water off their backs when women profusely opine about how pointless the existence of men are in 2011. Could you imagine how women would react if intelligent, independent men did everything in their power to let women know that they’re basically here for their amusement whenever they’re good and ready? Women everywhere would set a Guinness world record for shitfits thrown per second.

Many women are afforded the luxury of being able to go through life without much of the same treatment. Sure, we see the images of rail-thin women in high-end fashion spreads. The gorgeous women with their perfect families. VIP frequenters and the like. That is mainly the problem. Many of us base our worth on our physical attractiveness; our sex appeal. We know this is what gives us an advantage over other people and we don’t care…when actually lavished with attention because of our looks.

We need that tough love, though. We need to be told to shut the fuck up, that that dress doesn’t look good on us, to grow up, that we do indeed look fat, to stop with the crocodile tears, that gossiping is for little girls, and the catty behavior that so many of us exhibit is more turn-off than turn-on, regardless of whether our suitors are men or women, young or old. We won’t get it because we can’t handle it, generally speaking. Hell, we don’t even like to disclose our age and weight after a certain point. We’ve made so much progress and yet, we’ve gone nowhere at the same time.

My girlfriend is the epitome of awesome, but at times she’s nothing more than a stereotypical woman. The same goes for me, despite this somewhat lengthy rant. I just have the courage to admit it and wish more of my sistren would do the same.


  1. Very intriguing and very true, a lot of women that read this,are actually going to reflect on their life. Beware men women may start to change lol x

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