Why can’t we just do what feels good?

It seems as though, the more we age, all of these rules take the place of us just doing the things we enjoy, and what feels right.

Someone (who I don’t follow, so no linkage, sorry) wrote a tweet along the lines of  “what’s wrong with hickies and dry-humping? They still feel good to me”.

And I totally agree with her, albeit on a much deeper level (ha! #seewhatididthere?).

If it feels good, why not go along with it, rather than allowing these social mores that imply that certain things should stop according to our age.

We spend more time restraining ourselves than we do just going with the flow.

Why can’t I jump on the bed or stop at the park and swing for an hour?

Of course, responsibilities do take much of the time that could be used having fun, but as I told a friend of mine while walking downtown in the middle of the night (re: boring people and making your own good time), “There’s no reason to be walking around with a stick in your ass. Unless you like sticks in your ass, but if you like sticks in your ass you should be happy… Cuz there’s a stick in your ass.”

Have fun when you can. Life is serious enough.


  1. I totally agree. Somebody told me I was to old to play video games and I feel like hey why should I stop because I have a child, that doesn’t mean I cant enjoy those simply things in life that give me peace.

    • exactly.
      i don’t think that, in most cases, doing the things we enjoy have to cause any reason for people to feel as though we are immature.
      as long as the important responsibilities are handled, your free time is yours to do whatever you please, within (your own) reason.

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