A view.

I don’t believe that there is a single person in this world who is pro-abortion, and I absolutely hate the term. To be pro-abortion, one would be encouraging women to get abortions for the fuck of it. Which is a completely different issue in and of itself.

I am, though, pro-choice. every woman deserves the right to choose the path she is going to take.

If a fetus is unable to survive independently outside of a woman’s womb, then it has no legal rights whatsoever, and it is up to the person who carries the fetus (as well as the father, imo) to decide whether it will be carried full-term.

I cannot say whether I would get an abortion because I have never been put into the situation–and for this same reason, I am unable to judge those who choose in either direction.

Most importantly, despite whatever religious standing that I–or another–may have, women deserve the choice of clean, healthy clinics to back alley and jury rigged abortions. That is: abortions done by “doctors” or other “health professionals“–or even oneself–under the table (and likely in unsanitary and unsafe conditions).

In the case of abortions, our judicial system needs to lean very far from “morality” and damn sure from religion and consider the health of the independent lives which they may affect–the women they may affect.

In 1972 and before, abortions weren’t legal in the entire united states, and women died very often due to this.

Now, we have the choice of sterile offices with certified health professionals–as we should.

There should be no religious considerations in regards to the law. That is why we have a separation of church and state. The US formed on the idea of religious freedom–yet we allow a single religion to guide many facets of law where there should be no religious stipulations.

I am a believer in God, but I also am pro-choice, because women deserve to choose what to do with their bodies in a SAFE and sterile way.

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