Vic Spencer stars in “Vic Greenthumbs”

Movie time, bitches.


My favorite rapper for the year 2011 has been Chicago’s own, Vic Spencer, without a doubt. My best friend introduced me to one of his mixtapes early last year and I didn’t really give it much thought after the initial listen. Chalk it up to too much weed and not enough oxygen. After hearing him rhyme on mixtapes We’re Just Disappointed and Go Louis several weeks later, I became intrigued by this madman; this rapping freak. He is cleverly maniacal in his bars, and it endears him to the craziest of the crazies, myself included.

I love good music. To death. It would be an understatement to say that I was eagerly anticipating Spencer’s latest release, Vic Greenthumbs. Go Louis created some sort of buzz, because the reception to his latest artistic venture has been absolutely amazing. Basically, I just wanted to hear the maniac spit.

Greenthumbs starts with the grungy and elegant “Closed Curtains Intro” and is immediately followed by the equally grungy “Jail Bars Galore”. After a glimpse into what it’s like to live amongst a cloud of loud on “A Fried Mentality”, “5 Deadly Venoms”, featuring female MCs Silken, Lady Pharroah, Henny B, Angel Davenport  ( easily the best flow on this song and sexiest voice on the whole fucking tape) and Crystal La’Juene shoves its estrogen all in your fucking face. The brashness of the track coupled with blatant effeminate aggression makes it my favorite track, and iTunes is begging me not play it any more today. Vic tells us about Bonita Applebum’s freaky twin on “Detroit’s Tiger”, saying he just wants her “tummy”…much to my delight. The tape takes a slight turn at “Green Middle Fingers”, featuring Simeon and Griffin, with Spencer spitting, “I put a note on a singer/My thumb’s green, but so is my middle finger/That’s pointin’ up/My reality points is up/Slap a director, ’cause he ain’t make the cut…” If you are a fan of A Tribe Called Quest, you should enjoy Spencer and Alex P. Keaton on “Rap Slices To Go”. “Felonland” reminds me of some soulful MOP shit, if there is any that exists. Spencer definitely channels his inner-Eminem on the track, exclaiming, “You would be surprised that I lived in 3 group homes/So I call myself the ‘group home felon’/We speak the fuck up, but I’m the nigga that’s yellin’…” Even at the end of the tape is thorough Vic Spencer-style dopeness, in the form of “Lifespan”, featuring Brian Fresco and Pavy and “Sanctuary”, featuring AM and D2G.

Like Spencer’s other music, the lyrics, production and features are great in their own unique way. He is not to be compared to any other rapper, because he is unlike any other rapper, genuinely. Everyone from Sulaiman to Chance do their part in complementing him, which only makes him stand out more. Go Louis was nuts and so was Strong Arm Bars, which I’m currently blazing to now. Greenthumbs continues the trend of glorious, mind-fucking music that is rivaled by none other. Well done, Mr. Spencer. Well done.


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