I had hopes of quitting you

but with every puff

my need for you gets stronger

the knowledge of what you do to me

doesn’t make you any less addictive

I remember the day i met you

I choked on my words

coughed and sputtered

I never found you attractive

never even really wanted your company

refused it

time after time

in fact I watched others fall apart

just to get close to you

and swore that you would never

ever be a part of me

but when things got bad

I ran to you

got entwined in your nicotine web

and allowed myself to float on a cloud

ignoring all the bad that you do

like all addicts

I can give you a million reasons

why I need you

but I’m grown enough to admit the truth

I want you

(by R. Jada Watford [me!])

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