Who wants to get old?

The original post can be found on: Miss K’s Tumblr

Who wants to get old? Recently, I was riding in the car with my brother and sister-in-law, and the topic of getting old came up. We were driving around the U of A campus, Julie was showing me her old dorm, reminiscing about her college days. Cam and I were chillin’ in the backseat, having our own conversation, paying them no mind. I’d chime in every once in a while with an “Oh, cool,” and kept it moving. Somewhere in the course of their trip down Memory Lane, Brandon said something to Julie that I’ll never forget. He said, “You’re constantly living 10 years in the past. Yesterday was always better than today.” For some reason, that stuck out to me. Sounded a bit harsh, but true nonetheless. Before Julie could even say anything back, I butted in with, “Well, who wants to get old?!”  I sure as hell don’t. What’s the appeal? I wanna stay the way I am forever. There are just too many downsides and uncertainties surrounding that thought. “Old”. Ew. I don’t like it. What is this world going to be like when I’m old? How will I get by without being able to turn to my parents for guidance? What will my body look like? Will I be healthy? Too many questions about literally everything. But then I asked myself the most important question of all, “What’s the alternative?” Dying young? No thanks. I’d rather live to be 100 than have my life get cut too short to witness everything I want to see, meet everyone I want to meet, achieve everything I want to achieve, and just…find the answers to all my previous questions. Life truly is a beautiful thing. I appreciate the shit out of my life. I’m so fortunate compared to countless others. I’m a fucking emotional roller coaster today, and just needed to share this. Felt like a good day to reflect. Thanks for reading.

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