We’ve moved on.

Recently, the love of my life and I packed up our things and left the country. For good. This was not on a whim, but it certainly felt that way. We simply didn’t feel free in our previous place of residence; the country in which we had both been raised. I will miss everything about it, though. Mainly, the mostly English-speaking people and colorful characters. I will miss familiar street names and foods. I will definitely miss my parents and the people I connected with during my 26 years and change being a proud citizen of such a failing country. Most of all, I will miss my best friend. These last two weeks haven’t been the greatest. As a matter of fact, they’ve been pretty shitty, and I can’t help but feel that I’m abandoning him. He knows this was not my intent. Still, I will continue to feel this way, no matter how much he expresses that he’s happy for my girlfriend and I. This is terrible; these feelings I’m currently having. However, I know if he were here, he would tell me to get on my life and take advantage of this opportunity. That is exactly what I plan to do. To everyone who misses me, I probably don’t miss you. These are just the facts. Until we meet again, Mr. One-Two, Quick, Martina, AR, Jr., Brian, Laney, Casey, Jazzer, Granny B, mommy and daddy. I love you all and you will continue to be in my thoughts, but…we’ve moved on.

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