Zombies: Movie Review

I spent this weekend in Manhattan for New York ComicCon. One of the largest comic conventions in America. I have noticed, in recent years an influx of Zombie related games, shows, and movies in American Pop Culture.

On Friday, I (only slightly regretfully) skipped the Con to walk around Manhattan. I enjoyed myself, but I missed a great deal of CosPlay (the term for people who dress as characters from their favorite comics, tv shows, video games, et al.). I did get some great pictures, though, which I will be posting pretty soon. Times Square was great, all bright and flashy, just like on TV.

As I was walking back to the hotel (after getting caught in a drenching rain), I decided to see a movie. I chose blindly, picking the first movie which happened was starting at the exact time I was walking into the theater.  This movie, titled The Dead, was, of course, about the living dead–Zombies. How appropriate a choice of movie to watch in The City that Never Sleeps, eh?

The setting for The Dead was, interestingly enough, in Africa–making for a more interesting background than most zombie movies that I’ve seen. This scene choice made for an unfamiliar setting, which made the movie all the more scary–much of the American audience isn’t likely to be extremely familiar with the location, making us even less likely to know what’s coming up around the next corner.

The opening of the movie takes place in the desert, with a lone white man–American–dressed in what appears to be a hijab. We see him struggling through the desert with dry, cracked lips–while being approached by an African zombie walking with a terribly broken leg; bone exposed. The movie then goes back to show how and why he ended up in the desert.

This sets the tone for what is to be an extremely exciting zombie movie. There are as many emotional moments as there are action and scary, jump-out-of-your-seat moments.

The movie manages to appeal to many different audiences without seeming sappy or displaying forced scariness. A great date movie choice for the squeamish girl and her protective boyfriend or the squeamish guy and his protective girlfriend, etc. I can assure you, though, that perhaps whichever type of couple sees this movie, both will walk out with hearts pounding.

The Dead has a few moments of unrealism–such as how some of the Africans, obviously from different tribes, speak in English to one another; and also the main character manages to get out of one-too-many undead-related jams–but they don’t make for any notable issues throughout the movie. I, the fan of voting for the underdog, did not spend even a second wishing that any of the characters were killed by the undead–instead I spent my time hoping that everyone made it to the end.

The movie was a great choice for my non-moviegoer soul. I do not really care to spend money watching movies which I usually only partly enjoy and typically end up wishing I had never seen in the first place. This one, though, was worth the $13.

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