Why not SHARE? #shitthatannoysme vol. 1

I have a huge problem with people who look down on less knowledgeable people without even attempting to rectify the situation. The point in obtaining knowledge is not to walk around believing that you know more than others, but to share the knowledge that you do have and/or are gaining.

If you come across someone who isn’t familiar with something you think they should know, it’s not your job to poke fun at their ignorance. That makes you come across as ignorant.  This isn’t to say that you should tolerate–or even not laugh at–all forms of ignorance, but to poke fun at someone who isn’t familiar with some obscure and not-relevant-outside-of-you book, movie, **TRIVIA, or etc. when you could just as easily educate them, doesn’t serve you or the general population in the slightest.

I have come across a number of people who feel their intelligence has any real standing outside of their little intelligent circles. I will be the first to tell you: it doesn’t mean shit. Your love of reading, independent movies and documentaries, etc.  doesn’t really make any difference outside of the people who enjoy the shit along with you.

And if you think your little bits and pieces of information is so important, share that shit–without walking around with your ass on your shoulders about that knowledge that you do have.

I am a huge fan of obscure, unimportant “did you know” facts, but knowing  irrelevant facts such as the fact that killer whales have overtaken the role of sharks on the food chain doesn’t make me more knowledgeable than the next person, it just means I remember some irrelevant shit.

We complain about how little the youth behind us knows, and how dumb they are, but how often do any of us spend time even attempting to educate them? For most of us, that answer is none. So when we come across someone who is unfamiliar with J. California Cooper or Charles Bukowski, let’s not scoff at them, instead, take them to a book store (assuming there are any left) and grab them a novel or two.

SHARE what you know and don’t just knock what others don’t know.

**trivia is a form of:
triv·i·anoun (plural) /ˈtrivēə/
trivia, plural

  • Details, considerations, or pieces of information of little importance or value
    • – we fill our days with meaningless trivia

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