Thank You, Jay Dee.

RIP, J Dilla…

Honestly, I think it’s extremely lame when after celebrities die, people post “RIP” tweets and take to blogs and Facebook or some other terrible social networking site to express their grief. I truly believe that most of these people are seeking retweets/attention and just want to fit in with a large number of people, which absolutely sickens me. Most times, these celebs weren’t even afterthoughts until they died and their passing will have little to no effect on those who are supposedly affected. Regardless of what you think, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to go to such lengths to express sorrow. How many fucking times do you need to retweet people telling a celeb to rest in peace? It all just seems so…extra, and I loathe it. I wouldn’t dare tell anyone how to grieve over someone’s passing, so I tend to keep these thoughts to myself, even when it’s clear that there are people who are doing way too damn much.

J Dilla, on the other hand, is a different story. I wish that I was blogging in February of 2006. I wish I had a Twitter or Facebook account then. I would’ve blown everybody’s shit up with blog posts, status updates and songs and videos honoring his memory. I bullshit you not, J Dilla saved my life. I was in the darkest of places; despair consumed me like you wouldn’t believe. To say that I was depressed would be the understatement of the century. I longed for depression; I craved that shit. What I felt at that time made me want to jettison myself towards the Sun without any hesitation at all. I truly didn’t give a fuck about living. But, J Dilla and his soulful sound served as my lifesaver. I purchased everything that was ever connected to James Dewitt Yancey and played it endlessly while I smoked “instagram” blunts of Strawberry Cough and Chocolate Thai. His music brought me back from the brink and I will forever be grateful to not only Dilla, but his mother for bringing him into this world. You see, I know I am not the only one whose life has been saved by Dilla. And, I’m absolutely certain that there is currently someone, somewhere, who is being resuscitated by Dilla’s work. Words cannot describe the amount of gratitude I have for this man; for his ability to make my worst days nothing more than a distant memory.

To quote a serene-sounding woman from my favorite Dilla mixtape, “Thank you, Jay Dee…”

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