Artist Spotlight: @SolZahran

Londell Swales better known as Sol Zahran is a singer-songwriter, and instrumentalist. Sol’s passion from music dates back to his childhood. At the age of eleven, Sol had his first solo performance in front of his church’s congregation. This initial exposure would be the first of many star moments of his life drenched in a love for music.

Born and raised in south east Washington DC, Sol Zahran was first drawn to writing. He started out in the Writing Club during his teen years and also began to delve into performing arts. Sol reconnected with his original passion for singing after auditioning and being accepted into the vocal department of the Historical Duke Ellington School of Arts, a high school well-known for its renowned music, dance, visual arts and theater programs. During his years at Ellington, Sol obtained a musical diploma through his vocal training and education in classical and multicultural music studies.

After graduating, Sol pushed his music career to a higher level. He took his talents to The U Street Corridor, the center of Washington’s nightlife. U-Street was where he honed his skills by performing live at various venues and open mikes in the area. At the age of 17, Sol started to play keys in a hip-hop band Mello-D. The band was put on the Grammy ballot in 2007 and not long after, Sol became featured as singer with the band.

Ultimately, Sol branched off to form his own self titled band with base player Jerel Abraham, drummer Steve Johnson, and saxophonist Robert Stocks. Sol leads the group as a singing, song-writing, keys-playing performing artist with the ever evolving creativity and support of his talented band mates.

Sol Zahran’s sounds can be described as a combination of R&B Soul. However, Sol refuses to be limited, the musical style branches into rock, contemporary mixes, ballads, and is all inclusive by covering an array of musical styles.

Since coming together the band has released singles such as Where Are You, a favorite amongst his fans, and Pinky Swear. Sol Zahran is the process of working on a Live Mixtape to be released the Summer of 2012. Until then, you can catch Sol performing at various venues around the Washington, D.C area.

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