Mixtape Download: “Middle Class Ignorance”, Pavy

Pavy, short for Progressive Ambitious Vigorous Youngin’, gives us Middle Class Ignorance, a mixtape that I have been waiting to hear since one of the tape’s singles, “Triumphant”, made love to my eardrums about a month and change ago. Pavy is a young go-getting lyricist from the City of Wind with a relatively old flow that is well-masked by his boyish voice. Middle Class Ignorance was mostly produced by Dutch Cannon, with a few “guest beats” by producers such as Coop, Matic Beats, Capital K and others. Some artists featured on this tape are Vic Spencer, D2G, Cashflow Ellis and Ashley Laschelle. Even fresher than the beats and lyrics are the cover art; a black-and-white picture showing Pavy with who I assume are his parents, or at least two well-dressed older people. The review will be up by the end of the week.

Give this joint a listen: “Middle Class Ignorance”, Pavy

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