TONIIIIIGHT: The Walk Away Music listening party for GoILL’s own, Vic Spencer


This recent heat wave has been kicking just about every Chicagoan’s ass, and we could finally get a bit of relief from the sweltering temperatures as early as late this afternoon. Triple-digit temps are simply not cool and as much as I love the summer…enough of this shit.

Also providing a bit of relief-to our ears-is Chicago rap artist, Vic Spencer. The listening party for his July 30 release, The Walk Away Music, is tonight at The Complex, at 2210 South Wabash, which I assume is some sort of venue where we won’t all die, Carrie-style. Somewhat surprisingly, it will be a rather early affair, but I’m positive there will be a sizable turnout to have a chance to listen to Mr. Spencer’s latest pride and joy before it is made available to the general public.

I had the opportunity to listen to The Walk Away Music in its entirety over a month ago with a friend and Spencer, and was initially impressed. Granted, I was more than partially consumed by the loud, but my ears didn’t deceive me.

If you’re all about supporting the Chicago music scene, make your way to Vic Spencer’s listening party this evening. Stay fresh, my friends…

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