Mixtape: New Jet City, Curren$y

ImageI think it’s safe to say that just about everyone has a guilty pleasure of some sort. Be it a television show, movie, clothing line, song, celebrity or downright odd act or activity, it’s hard to be surrounded by so much mundane crap nowadays and not succumb to at least a small portion of it. I won’t get into my guilty pleasures right now, but I will let you know that New Orleans rapper Curren$y’s music is most definitely one of them.

Curren$y, an artist I’ve been a fan of since his Sqad Up days on the Cash Money label, is a weed-smoking, fly car-driving, woman-chasing lifestyle rapper. If you’re unfamiliar with what a lifestyle rapper is, don’t wrack your brain over such a simple concept. Lifestyle rappers simply spit bars about what they do on a regular basis; usually things that aren’t too far-fetched or grandiose. Dropping his latest mixtape, New Jet City, before yesterday’s Super Bowl, “Spitta” had a certain contingent of internet users in a bit of a frenzy.

No, Curren$y is not Immortal Technique, Nas or Jay Electronica, from a lyrical standpoint. His fans don’t want him to, or need him to be that. We simply want that heavy southern drawl, blatant pop culture references and mentions of skunk ass weed and easy living. New Jet City follows in the footsteps of Spitta’s previous works, a mixtape that sounds like it was somewhat hastily thrown together while also sounding like someone actually gave a shit. Enjoy: “Sixteen Switches, Pt. 2” “Coolie in the Cut, ft. Trademark” and “New Program, ft. Young Roddy”

Download: New Jet City, Curren$y

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