Ears, please: “Lyfe Change,” D2G X Young Diesel (Prod. by Cardo)

Anyone who knows me is aware that while I am a huge supporter of GoILL music as a whole, I am not afraid to voice my honest opinion about any artist (especially rap and hip-hop) who I feel is less than, mediocre, wack, flat out trash, et cetera. I personally know a few artists and will always be forthright when it comes to my views of their music. Some got it, some don’t. D2G falls into the former, and the silent assassin-like  rap artist just continues to grind his way to respectability not only among his peers in Chicago, but those nationwide as well. “Lyfe Change,” which features D2G and fellow “East Side” emcee Young Diesel, is the latest example of D2G’s hunger. The two artists haven’t released a collaborative effort since 2003, but this one does not disappoint. Serving as a little over 3-and-a-half minutes of reflection, “Lyfe Change” is one track that belongs in music libraries.

Download: “Lyfe Change,” D2G & Young Diesel (Prod. by Cardo)

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