Mixtape: ‘Yeezus’ Samples


If you’re like me, you anticipated the release of Kanye West’s latest album, Yeezus. If you’re like me, you couldn’t stand it from a lyrical standpoint, simple as that. However, I have not been shy that while Kanye’s lyrics on Yeezus are weaker, simpler and more unnecessarily vulgar and offensive than usual, the production is pretty damn great. Whether you want to call this album rap, hip-hop, pop, techno, electronica, IDM, EDM, rock, grunge or some brand new genre, it certainly has a unique sound, even for an artist like Ye. Luckily, the insanely dope duo of Gianni Lee and Mike Blud decided to gift us with a mixtape full of the songs that Ye sampled on Yeezus. These songs show that while Kanye may have phoned it in when in the booth, his ear for music is surreal.

Download: Yeezus Samples (Gianni Lee x Mike Blud)

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