Late Entry: ‘July 9th: A Cancer Story,’ and Q&A with D2G

First, I’d like to begin this post by pointing out that, once again, this is a late entry. Sue me.


If you’ve been bored and happened across my page any time during the last several months, you’ve noticed Chicago rap artist D2G on here a few times. Whether appearing on M.K.L.H. as a feature on a song, releasing one of his own, or ethering ears with one of his freestyles, the outspoken rapper has been slowly progressing towards what culminated on Tuesday, July 9th: July 9th: A Cancer Story. The long-awaited album was released on D2G’s birthday (happy belated, broski), actually, which is a treat in itself. Features on this project range from Vic Spencer to The Boy Illinois, and the production, from dope folks like DC and O’Bonjour, is definitely more than solid. I had the opportunity to get D2G’s take on a few things below:

Nigel Watson: When did you get the idea for this album? How?

D2G: I’ve had the idea for the album since about 7th grade when I seriously started rapping.It’s been an idea for me just as a means to explain who I am.

NW: How long did it take to finish the album?

D2G: When I tell you this project is a lifetime in the making, it’s exactly that. This project was supposed to come out about a good 13 July 9th’s ago. [LOL]

NW: Favorite track, production-wise?

D2G: Production wise…it’s gonna be cliche…but I can’t call it.

NW: Favorite track, feature-wise?

D2G: Feature wise…I can’t say. They ALL are some dopeness. They all give me that good feeling.

 NW: Song on the album most likely to get to you, emotionally?
D2G: The tracks that get to me emotionally are “If you Hear Me” and “Cancer Outro.” Reason being because that was my actual story being told on those tracks. Those are my struggles that I document on those songs. That was actually reality. I always say that I talk to people better through my songs. It’s just easier.

NW: If I were forced to compare you to a rap artist, it would be Havoc. I’ve always considered him a silent assassin. Would you agree?

D2G: Let me be the first to tell you, I’ve NEVER gotten that comparison before. [LMAO] And it’s only because that’s the most original comparison I’ve heard. I can actually agree in terms of the silent assassin part. I feel as though this project has just somewhat established my identity. Whereas before, you’ve heard my voice countless times, but you couldn’t quite pinpoint who I was. Unless you’re familiar with cats like Vic Spencer, JDP, Pavy, C.RICH, A.M. , Duke, Jon Content, Sulaiman and countless others….I’m not the first you’ll pick out of the crowd. I mean, you can hear me and say I’m dope, but it’s usually me not even appearing as though I CAN rap. You know what I mean?

NW: What’s it like working with people who support you and your craft?

D2G: It’s the best feeling in the world. I’ve been blessed with everybody around me that I work with to be all dope as hell. And to top it all off, I don’t just work with random strangers that just think I’m dope. I work with people I consider my family. Like, this is really a family affair; this music thing. So everything has the right vibe because it’s my “peoples” I’m creating with.

NW: I rock with starving artists. Just how hungry are you?

D2G: Brother man, brother man. To describe my hunger, you’d have to travel with me inside the belly of the beast. I reside there. I AM the hunger that resides in the beast’s belly.

NW: What’s next?

D2G: The only thing next for me is more work. I’m gonna try to push ‘J9ACS’ to the people as hard as I possibly can, while building a bigger catalog and more cameos for myself. By the time this year is out, you will know D2G.

NW: Who is D2G?

D2G: D2G is Anthony Ingram, Jr., understood better with rhythm. He is everything I can’t say when I try to speak. Most importantly, he is the underdog that lives in everyone. He just happens to be from the Southeast side of Chicago, Illinois.

NW: Describe this album in one word.

D2G: ME.

Well… There you have it.

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