Audio: “Come Home”/”Pity” (B-side), The Foreign Exchange

North Carolina hip-hop artist Phonte and Dutch producer Nicolay are The Foreign Exchange, an electronica/hip-hop/R&B/dopeness duo. Their debut album, Connected, was released in 2004 to critical acclaim and the pair have been killing it ever since. They released 3 studio albums afterwards, including a live studio version. Their latest album, Life In Flying Colors, will be gifted to us September 24 of this year, and “Come Home” is their first single. “Pity” is the B-side track, and it easily could have and should have made the album. Alas, I will more than happily “settle” for only “Come Home” of the two making the final cut. On “Come Home,” Phonte croons in his own way about home, who it can be with and where it can be located. The song is beautifully composed and Phonte seems to have found his medium as an R&B crooner/hip-hop spitter. I don’t want to wait until 9/24, but “Come Home” will certainly hold me over until then.

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