“Draginbreff,” Blu, prod. by Knxwledge


Know me, and easily you should know that one of my favorite hip-hop artists is Cali’s own, Blu. I’m fairly positive that I own everything Blu has dropped, from he and producer Exile’s classic rookie studio release, Below The Heavens, to his more recent work with MED on The Burgundy EP and Nottz on Gods In The Spirit. The “Herfavorite guy” (shoutout to Marty) has been active over the last several months, and just recently, he and LA producer Knxwledge teamed up to gift our ears with “Draginbreff.” This single is part of the larger Classic Drug References Volume One compilation album, which you can buy here. Supposedly, this is an older Blu verse, but I don’t really care…because it’s a Blu verse. Besides the smooth flow, the trumpets on this track basically make it what it is, which is dope as all hell. Check the fly shit below:

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