5 Types of People That I Can’t Stand

1. The Ignoramus: I HATE ignorant people. Whether it’s a White person that thinks all Black people live in the ghetto, or a Black person that thinks Mexicans are good for nothing but selling oranges and cutting grass. It could be a Black person that does everything they can to perpetuate a stereotype, or a group of people that sets out to degrade or harm another group…because of differences. Most likely, ignoramuses are for whatever reason proud to be known as ignorant. It’s similar to people that are proud to be characterized as “ghetto” or prejudiced. These are people that don’t care to enlighten themselves in any area, except those that help keep them inside of their very own, personal box. Ignoramuses are usually unaware of their ignorance, mostly citing a lack of knowledge or flat-out denying it. The worst part of acknowledging an ignoramus is that it can sometimes be a family member of friend.
2. The Conceited Person: The conceited person is totally oblivious to what’s going on around him/her. They are consumed with everything that can benefit them, first and foremost. A conceited person will always interrupt your story with a story of their own. Something semi-funny about conceited people is that sometimes, the most conceited, are the wackest. We sometimes get fooled into believing that a person that’s so sure of themselves must be on top of things–wrong. A conceited person can’t be trusted to be a good friend, because they don’t know how to look out for anyone’s interests but their own.
3. The Person With Delusions of Grandeur: This usually is the dude that drives the Honda Accord, but swears up and down he’ll be in a Bentley by the end of the week. The chick that looks only halfway decent, but figures she’ll be the next big thing in the modeling industry. People with delusions of grandeur oft end up in debt, in trouble with the law, or in trouble with people that they never wanted trouble with. The sad part: Because of their delusions, most fail to realize the severity of their mistakes, and continue to repeat them.
4. The Hater: ‘Nuff said.
5. The Loser: The loser is low on this list because it’s not always a person’s fault that they have to play a shitty hand. For some people, it’s the luck of the draw. Still, I must focus on those who do seemingly everything they can to ruin any chance they have of being successful. The loser can vary from the college student that decides to party knowing studying for an exam should be a higher priority, to a woman that uses her child support money to slightly pamper herself. The loser is clearly and obviously a loser; but so many around him/her are afraid to call it like it is. Possibly, for fear of hurting a relationship or jeopardizing certain gets and haves. The loser can also be someone that is, for all intents and purposes, a chick that sends “What you doing” text messages. No obvious need to acquire that information, but a meaningless desire nonetheless. This chick is a LOSER because she most likely proclaims that she doesn’t need a man, yet manages to act like Kathy Bates from Misery even when simply talking to one on a phone. These texts are a method of keeping tabs on a guy. While most guys simply respond, I choose to make my displeasure well-known.
These are 5 of the many types of people that I’m not a fan of. Please, don’t add yourself to the list. I’m out like Air Force Ones after 2006…